There is a long list of hair do's and don'ts that apply to day to day situations. However, when it comes to wedding hair, the list of do's and don'ts is significantly different. By sticking to the following list of wedding day hair do's and don'ts, your hair will not be one of the many things you will have to be concerned about when the cameras start up.

Wedding Day Hair Do's

o Find out if your hairstylist's rate includes extras like a trial run before your wedding day. This way, you will be able to make sure that the hairdo will be able to maintain its allure and stand up to a full day of hectic activity in advance of the big day. You do not want that beautiful hairstyle to collapse half way through the reception – or worse yet, while the pictures are being taken for the keepsake album.

o Go to the salon on the morning of your wedding rather than have the stylist come to you. This is a definite money saver. Some stylists will charge their full-day rate for coming to your house to fix your hair on your wedding day, even if it only takes a couple of hours for them to do your hair.

o Schedule your hair appointment for several hours before your ceremony. Even if it's early in the morning, this is the one day in your life when you do not want your stylist to rush while working on your hair. You want him or her to take as much time as necessary to make sure your hair looks its absolute best.

o Use clip-on extensions and hidden hairpieces. Celebrities have done it for years. This trick of the trade not only adds volume and length, it also adds holding power.

o Look for hair accessories that do not cost an arm and a leg. Before your wedding day, visit vintage shops and fabric stores, and even do an online search for hairpins and clips that show your individuality, but do not deplete your bank account.

Wedding Day Hair Don'ts

o If you color or highlight your hair, do not get a partial highlight, coloring only the top layers of your hair. If you plan to wear an updo, the two-tone look will be most unflattering. Even if you wear your hair down, the uneven colors will show and take away from your otherwise perfect appearance.

o If your day-to-day hair is normally simple, do not go overboard on your wedding day. Not only will you look artificial and unnatural, you will probably be very uncomfortable and not even feel like yourself.

Source by Jocelyn O Iyog