Wedding Photography: 6 Basic Tips For Beginner Wedding Photographers

Location of the Wedding Reception

Each location is different, from small rooms to luxurious buildings. It would be helpful if you could see the location in advance, but different lighting conditions on the D day could mean you need to change your plans. Set up 2 or 3 different areas in the location, where you can invite the newlyweds to the area, to get a variety of photos while dealing with unexpected weather conditions.

Work fast

If you need time to just take pictures of the bride and groom without the crowds, just spend half an hour trying out different poses.

Consider the background

The background is very important, even when using a wide aperture to blur it. Look for an uncluttered backdrop.

Wide angle

A wide angle lens may not be the most obvious choice for a Iceland wedding photographer , but it can be effective when you want a photo of the newlyweds on location. Don’t be afraid to show the bride and groom in a very small portion in the frame, as long as the location is interesting and you can compose a dynamic composition. If there is a formal garden on site, you can look for symmetry in the scenery.


This method is not always possible. But if the location of the wedding reception is very unfavorable and the bride and groom also agree, try to find out if there is potential for more interesting photos near the reception location, such as a garden. You will need the cooperation of both the bride and groom to be willing to leave the reception for a while.

High and low

All photography can benefit from finding fresh and interesting points of view, so can weddings. Shooting low from the ground or even positioning yourself high so you can look down at the wedding will provide variety. Again, elopement in Iceland a site visit before the wedding day can help you.