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NAOMI BIDEN, the president’s oldest granddaughter, has brought on longtime event planner and Democratic party fundraiser BRYAN RAFANELLI to orchestrate her White House wedding on the South Lawn this November, according to two people familiar with the plans.

It’s not Rafanelli’s first time handling presidential matrimony or coordinating logistics at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. He planned CHELSEA CLINTON’s 2010 wedding in Rhinebeck, New York, which among other things included three-hour long menu tastings with HILLARY CLINTON (Chelsea liked his style enough to write the introduction nine years later to his book, “A Great Party: Designing the Perfect Celebration”).

Rafanelli also managed several events at the Obama White House, including state dinners and the rainbow lighting outside of the building to celebrate the Supreme Court’s 2015 ruling on gay marriage.

That one prompted some white knuckle moments. A rainstorm the night before the decision soaked many of the lights, causing them to malfunction. Getting replacements onto the White House grounds in just a few hours was difficult because of security protocols. “We were literally right down to the wire, so the idea of a rainbow might not have quite been a rainbow,” he recalled in 2019. “The red was in peril.”

But Rafanelli is now tasked with coordinating a presidential family wedding at the White House – which is about as high-stakes as wedding planning gets. Godspeed.

The wedding plans have so far been a bit of a moving target. In April, the plan was to host a reception at the White House with a ceremony offsite, CNN’s KATE BENNETT reported.In late July, Naomi announced “much to the relief of secret service and with the dogs’ endorsement… we’ll be getting married on the South Lawn!”

While the White House has been a popular spot for weddings of the president’s family since the 1800’s, it will be the first wedding ceremony on the White House grounds since 1971 when RICHARD NIXON’s daughter TRICIA was married. (JENNA BUSH wed in 2008 — in Texas — and had a separate reception later at the White House.)

A White House wedding also has other complications. Press secretary KARINE JEAN-PIERRE told reporters in July that “I can ensure [sic] it to you that taxpayer dollars would not go to [the wedding].” But given that the wedding will be on the property, it will require at least some work from security and other officials paid by the taxpayers, the White House acknowledged.

ELIZABETH ALEXANDER, communications director for the first lady, said in a statement: “Consistent with private events hosted by First Families and following the traditions of previous White House wedding festivities in prior Administrations, outside vendors will work with the White House staff on the execution of the event. The Biden family will be paying for the wedding activities that occur at the White House. Security, transportation, and other items related to the protection, safety, and household of the First Family will continue under its normal operations, as is customary for First Families and similar events hosted during previous Administrations”

Rafanelli has other connections to the Biden administration as well. He was one of Transportation Secretary PETE BUTTIGIEG’s big fundraisers during his 2020 presidential campaign (“a breath of fresh air in the Democratic Party,” he said). And in 2016, when he was the mayor of Boston, Labor Secretary MARTY WALSH appointed Rafanelli to a committee to conduct a review of the city’s tourism office.

The wedding details are being closely guarded. Rafanelli didn’t respond to an email, text message, or voicemail, but his 2019 book documenting many of his past lavish matrimonial endeavors – including a fun-sounding masquerade-themed wedding – offers clues. Some of his rules:

  • “We firmly believe that the perfect wedding celebration, no matter where it’s held, should reflect the couple and their families – their sensibilities, histories, and story.”
  • “I prefer to seat guests in several places, rather than in one big group, to give different experiences of the ceremony to guests.”
  • “During the design and planning of a wedding, a couple can never supply enough inspirational content to me and my team. I always ask the brides and grooms to bring it on: Pinterest, Instagram, mood boards.”
  • “A great after-party is the sign of a great wedding. When people are having fun, they don’t want it to end….There can never be too many mirror surfaces in a night club so we spray-painted palm leaves gold and placed them in gold reflective vases.”

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