How to Dress for Beach Weddings

Celebrity stylist Nausheen Shah knows what it takes to keep Hollywood’s leading men looking sharp. Shah is the creative brilliance behind the timeless looks of household names like Game of Thrones and Eternals star Kit Harrington. Thanks to her formal design training and experienced editorial eye, Shah’s clients set the bar for effortless polish on the red carpet and beyond. Here, Shah shares her secrets for beach wedding style as the height of season approaches, along with product recommendations from the Men’s Health team.

Keep it Light

For summer soirées, Shah suggests opting in for fabrics and colors that won’t weigh you down. She proposes sticking to suits made from breathable materials like linen and in lighter hues like beige, brown and blue.

If you’re looking to take your look further, you could try layering textures and colors from complementary palettes. “I love mixing mood board colors like different shades of brown or different shades of blue but keeping it light and easy. Maybe your pants are linen but your shirt is a knit. Maybe the shirt’s got a stripe. Maybe it’s a button down. Maybe the pant is a light plaid or a brown plaid. I love playing with different textures, different colors and different fabrics all in the same family.”

When it comes to accessories Shah recommends engaging with the surroundings where the event is taking place. “If it’s a beach, I don’t know if you’re wearing shoes,” she laughs. Shah references the natural progression of the leaves from palm trees. With time, the leaves become brown and are woven into materials like textured raffia. “If you can, find a cool raffia slipper, slide or something to play with the elements.” Classics like espadrilles and loafers are a good place to start.

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Get it Tailored

“If there’s one thing I know better than anything, your stuff better be tailored,” says Shah, who earned a degree from FIT in fashion design with a specialization in tailoring before dressing Hollywood’s brightest stars. “If your clothing is not tailored to you, then you will never look good. When it comes to suiting, it rarely is made for anyone and you have to find a tailor.”

Shah mentions that while you may find the unicorn brand that fits you off of the rack, don’t be disappointed if your reality turns out to be far from that. She makes the point that there’s a reason why everyone from department stores to brands like Suitsupply have popularized accessible suiting that include tailoring as a service. “They know that clothes can’t fit everyone. We’re all so many different shapes and sizes–especially with our different ethnicities–we’re all created differently. Is it worth spending the extra money to have a suit tailored? 150%.”

While it’s easy to spot a well-fitting suit on the red carpet, doing so from a shop or even your own home may be a different story. “Don’t be afraid of it being slightly fitted. Make sure your jacket curves with your body. You want to put it on and have it fit like a glove.”

“Fit is everything,” says Shah. “Find a tailor and make him (or her) your best friend.

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Confidence Is Key

Shah says to take two key factors into account for occasion dressing: the context of the event and your personal style. “It depends on the person and their attitude. Are you wearing sneakers or loafers? It all depends on where you’re going, the time of the day, and what your personality is.” If in doubt, you can always check with the host or venue if there are any specific parameters to the dress code.

Ultimately the stylistic choice is yours so long as it is appropriate for the occasion and brings out your most authentic self. As simple as it may sound, feeling good is the key to looking your best.

“Number one, you always want to make sure that you’re comfortable so you’re confident. In the end, style is all about your swag and how comfortable you are. If you’re not confident, then there’s no style.”

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