An Expert-Approved Guide On Staying Fit During The Wedding Season


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If you have your calendar blocked with several wedding invites, it’s certain that your regular routine will get disturbed. We all make special adjustments during the wedding season because who wants to miss out on good food and celebrations? While we are all for guilt-free enjoyment, there’s no harm in abiding by a few simple tricks to stay healthy.

Light Workout: The idea here is not to nail a session but to stay active. Whether you’re attending a wedding or prepping for one, the event days are long and hectic. Just find a few minutes for a quick circuit and that’s more than enough. This also helps in maintaining continuity and avoiding long breaks between sessions. “No matter if it’s 10 minutes or four, indulge in light workouts to stay active. Light workouts will keep your fitness levels intact without having to start from square one,” says Namrata Purohit, celebrity pilates trainer.

Managing Dessert Cravings: The dessert bar look tempting and, TBH, it is worth those calories. Also, weddings are not the time to think about calories! If you enjoy sweets, try to balance it out. “Switch to fruit desserts to appease your taste buds or simply eat less of the main course to make room for the dessert,” suggest Purohit.


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Cocktail Strategy: Well, we know there’s hardly any celebration without a drink or two and it’s unfair to ditch them, isn’t it? However, alcohol is responsible for most of the calorie-intake during weddings. Purohit suggests drinking lighter drinks like gin and tonic or compensate for the heavier drinks by drinking water right after it to feel fuller.

Detox Is the Way: We know that it’s tough to follow a diet during wedding festivities. As the wedding and function days are fixed,  try to compensate with lighter food before and after the functions. “Switch to raw food instead of cooked meals. This helps your body to detoxify the toxins to keep digestion in check,” says Purohit.

Enjoy Without Guilt: While you are out there to enjoy, don’t feel guilty for it. “Your body tends to detect your anxiety, moods, and stress, hence releasing hormones that make you stress eat more than usual,” says Purohit.

It’s just a matter of few days, so enjoy guilt-free but get back on track as soon as possible.

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