Wedding Gift Guide 2021: 20 time-proof gifts that newlyweds will truly appreciate

What really makes a wedding gift special? Well, there’s more than one way to ace the wedding gift conundrum. First up, your safest bet would be to get something that holds sentimental value for the bride and groom – weddings are an emotional affair and your thoughtful wedding gift is only going to add to the frenzy of emotions leaving a mark of the couple’s minds; genius. Problem is, gifting something priceless isn’t often the easiest task. If you’ve found it, stick to it; if not, we’ve got more for you in this gifting guide.

Another great way to find the best wedding gift is by getting something that is actually useful. And no, we’re not pushing for that crockery set, you can do better. Home appliances are a big winner, but we’d suggest you check with their families before spending the big buck on an appliance that chachu already got for his lovely daughter. What’re they going to do with two refrigerators anyway? But, this is also where you get to be innovative, skip the regular appliances and gift them something unique – an addition to their kitchen that makes life simple.

Conversely, if your bride and groom are connoisseurs of the spirits, forget about all this and check out our list of suggestions for the most lush whisky bottles to gift here. If not, scroll along, we’ve got a lengthy list of priceless (and some pricey) presents for the newlyweds.

Wedding Gift Guide 2021: 20 timeproof gifts that every bride and groom would truly appreciate

1. Dyson Air Purifier Hot+Cool

Rs 51,423

2. Luminor Chrono Goldtech Blu Notte by Panerai


3. Jewellery by Anayah Jewellery


Rs 4,100 onwards

4. Easy Touch Garment Steamer by Phillips

Rs 8,995

5. Samsung Frame Television

Rs 61,900 onwards

6. Apple Homepod

Rs 9990

7. Coffee Machine by Blue Tokai

Rs 1,12,199

8. Glassware by Ikai Asai

Rs 3500

9. Freedom Manchana Collection by Jaipur Rugs

Rs 5,55,700

10. Furniture by Furnmill

Price upon request

11. Tableware by Hérmosa

Price upon request

12. Bedding/home essentials by Live Linen

Price upon request

13. Hurrem’s Regalia Hamper

Rs 2800 

14. A bottle of Perry Road Peru

Price upon request

15. Decanter by Shazé

Rs 25,000

16. Platinum love bands by Platinum Days of Love

Price on request

17. A Gift pack by My Muse

Rs 9,800

18. Instax Mini Li-Play

19. Comforter sets by D’Decor

Price on request

20. Model x Home Bar at Jimmy’s Cocktails


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