Decorating your wedding ceremony venue with flowers is like a must. The idea of well decorated venue is dreamy yet designing the flowers for it can be a real challenging task. Several parts of the venue need to be covered with flowers, and these designs below will inspire you. Check these out.

Floral Chandelier

This is a perfect ceremony flower arrangement to add. While it looks totally beautiful and rare, the combination of lush flowers makes a perfect decoration for high ceiling venue. The design actually channels infinity and unity, which is crucial in a wedding ceremony. Meanwhile, it makes a perfect space outline where the bride and groom should stand in the best way.

Pillars of Flowers

A little bit of dimension will transform your wedding ceremony venue into a defined place. If you like using flowers for this, you should consider arrange the flowers in different height of pillars. It creates natural growing flowers look while it actually fills the room in the most dynamic way. You can play minimalist or elaborated depending on your wedding theme.

Flowers on Barrels

This is probably a great arrangement for country and rustic wedding. The barrels alone already look great, and we are going to use these for aisle gate. Place one on each side and incorporate some greeneries and blue hydrangea on it. The height is perfect for a little dimension while the bold colors should make perfect pair for the timeless decoration.

Whimsical Arch for the Altar

This arch outlined the altar in the most pleasing way with its unique finish. The arch is using white finished white glass pane doors. The rich look is created by pink peonies and greeneries on it. It looks rustic with the addition of flower arrangement on the old looking bricks. This is perfect to create intimate and casual altar for the ceremony.

Unique Pew Flowers

While the pew flowers are commonly tiny bouquets, this aisle features rustic wooden boxes for the stand, while a vase with vibrant color arrangement is laid upon it. The combination of rustic wood and vibrant flowers make bright and cheerful feeling on the aisle. It gives enough drama and sophistication without being boring.

Of course, you can have a lot of fun while deciding on flower arrangements for the ceremonial venue. You need to work within your wedding theme, but you should feel free to prefer on unusual arrangements and unique set up. Have fun!