It truly is the season of baubles and bubbly, of sparkle and sanctity, of dance and delicacy, of weaves and weddings! I am certain you will are fired up for the festivities that occur along with weddings but with all the scrumptious foodstuff all-around are you scared you will compromise on your Health? Worry not! I will give you the ideal information so that you remain in good shape and continue to devour all the mouth-watering food stuff.


In the midst of hair, make-up and dressing –up 1 normally forgets to consume h2o, resulting in you getting parched at the end of the day. Like me, if you too will be dancing all night, you could conclusion up dehydrated and blunder it for starvation. It is very best to retain sipping on h2o by the working day and acquiring unsweetened lemonade anytime you can, to make up for the reduction of electrolytes.

Veggies initially

Currently, most wedding ceremony buffets involve an assortment of salads and stir-fries. It is greatest to get started your meal with a good part of these veggies. If a vegetable soup is obtainable, that also can be provided. These greens will retain you satiated without introducing on calories. The enhance of natural vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants will preserve your pores and skin glowing.

Skip the starters

Enable me tell you, 1 of the biggest problems most folks make is that they go overboard on the starters. Ditch the fried, calorie dense starters and choose for the mains right. If you should have starters, try to go for the barbequed vegetables or roasted nuts.

The main sport

Presently, weddings have elaborate menus that contains multiple cuisines. Quite a few persons get excited and try out to savour every single cuisine. This typically success in an excessive of grain intake. I would counsel you stick to one particular grain i.e. both a roti, rice or dosa. Accompany it with a facet of veggies, a protein like dal or tandoori grilled rooster and a pickle to make a finish meal.


No, I am not inquiring you to give up on this fully but do bear in thoughts that processed sugar can end result in body weight get and zits flare up. My initial alternative would be new seasonal fruits that are generally out there. With strawberry season about to get started, one particular truly will not have an justification to skip out on the fruit. In case, they are not out there, opt for a very small part of a payasum, phirni , steering clear of fried, creamy desserts. But do maintain in brain, moderation is crucial.

Burn up the dance flooring

What is a lot more pleasurable than grooving to new music with your buddies and household? Dance the night away without the need of any inhibitions. Dance is a single of my favorite types of physical exercise that does not sense like physical exercise at all.

Stick to these guideline and you will be in a position to get pleasure from with your loved ones and good friends guilt free of charge.