Planning a marriage is not an easy job. There are a lot of things to consider, and one of them is the wedding dress. Considering that wedding fashion is released one year ahead of time, the bride should also look at the upcoming trends. These ideas might be the reference for the wedding gown design.

Romantic Bride

Claiming herself as the bride of the day, all the guests should be focused on her only, and abandoning the rest of the crowd. Try the combination of lace strap on both shoulders and plain one piece fabric for the bodice and skirt. Need more flair? Several colorful flowers are printed on the lower part of the gown. The gown would be a perfect outfit for a summer or spring wedding.

Chic Style

Who can resist the glow of satin fabric? It would be the dream of every bride to wear one at the wedding day. Now that satin fabric back in trend, famous designers are pairing it with oversized lace jacket. The combo turns out to be the chic wedding dress ever! Instead having a fully covered neckline, it would be prettier to take V-line. Don’t forget to attach frilly laces on the edges.

Seamless and Beads

Going further than backless, would you like to go topless for the wedding dress? This option is possible, thanks to the combination of laces and beads. While the bodice is usually made of solid colored fabric, the bride now have the option of wearing customize gown.

It covers the necessary area only by embedding beads and laces on top of transparent fabric. The same laces then cover the overall skirt. Those who are not ready could take skin colored fabric instead.

Coffee Tone Wedding Gown

White finally meets equal competitor; the coffee tone. It varies from light caramel to dark coffee. Even though the bride could choose any color, most of them pick the pastel color. Working with coffee tone is totally similar to white tone. Things would be a little different when if the bride would like to challenge long sleeve and mermaids skirt. Bring laces as the sleeves, and embroider the edges so the bride could have a clear line.

Letting others to decide what kind of dress the bride is going to wear might be easy, but making sure that the gown meets bride expectation is another tricky thing. Before consulting about the wedding dress, the bride should bring a list of ideas in her note book. Hope that one of the above recommendation helps!