A wedding day comes once in a life time, requiring you as a bride to prepare many little details to succeed your wedding day, one of which is wedding dress. Whether you want laid-back look, puddle trains, with or without sleeve, we’ve got some perfect boho dress ideas for you!

Maggi Sottero’s Bridal Dress Choice

This boho wedding dress for this bridal powerhouse is worth checking! This designer has been well known for its excellent corsetry that has beautified many brides so perfectly. Look at the dress in the picture below showing how lace applique is so well attached to the dress to make subtle bands. The applique, which is complemented with ivory fabric, then creates an effect of soft pattern.

Oksana Mukha’s Boho Dress

This dress is all about the dreamy aesthetic as it is layered with the softest fabrics. Besides, the undeniably lovely look of the dress also comes from the sleeves with off-the-shoulder style. What is more, the boho flair is well presented by the knotted bodice. This dress even more stands out from the bunch due to the puddle train from the pretty lace.

Berta’s 2016 Daring Dress

As shown in the picture, this boho dress from Berta comes with a slit on the front skirt. The slit is even more adorable and attention grabbing with the lace edging in semi scallop. This boho dress will be perfectly combined with a pair of barefoot sandals with crystals. Wear this daring boho dress from Berta to nail your beach wedding party!

Pallas Couture’s Boho Dress

Boho dress can come with many styles and designs. Boho dress is not merely about little structures on flowing fabrics. It is more than that. Maintain the perfect balance of your boho dress by trying what Palllas Couture did. The bodice is made plunging deeply. The dress is layered with structured lace. The hips part of the dress is complemented with tulle skirt that is so whimsical. This dress may tend to be more formal. You, however, can still wear this dress with lots of eases.

We’re so fortunate to have those natural designers providing us with plenty boho dress ideas. You now have the choice of wedding dresses for both formal and casual occasions and the choices of combining many fabrics to your boho dress. So, have you seen yourself wearing any of those boho wedding dress? Which one do you prefer the best?