One part of the wedding arrangement that will always be the center of attention is the flower. Believe it or not, there is a way to arrange these fragrant decoration so it would blend with the overall setting. Considering this point, it would be better to learn about several popular arrangements and when to use them.

Elegant Nature

If you don’t really into latest wedding trend but still want fancy party, then it is suggested to take natural style bouquet. It takes mostly white flowers and some leaves as the decorations. Holding this bouquet, the bride and groom would look best in garden or outdoor theme wedding venue.

Tear Drop Arrangement

Thanks to the influence of modern TV series, the old tear drop flower bouquet are getting more popular. It includes warm peach and orange full bloom flowers. Another must have color is the shade of green on the sides. Pairing these flowers with vintage concept would make a classic and chic wedding.

Pastel Flower Bloom

If you try to find the red line in between elegance and feminine, then pastel tone will step out. This color is soft, and basically could be made of any of bride’s favorite color. For pastel flowers center piece, make sure to lay white table cloth and a touch of champagne tone.

Warm Flower Palette

For indoor wedding venue with all-white decoration, muted tone such as pastel won’t be great. You need something stronger than that, but a tone down from vivid flowers. Then, the right setting would be warm bouquet; a pack of orange or burgundy flowers paired with green leaves and some pale flowers.

Overhead Flower Arrangement

This concept varies from the curtain style to the lamp style. For the first one, the flower strand is long, and lined up on the backdrop. The latter one, in the other hand, is stuck to the ceiling, not long enough for the guest to reach. Either one is suitable for romantic theme.

Topiary Center Piece

You might have seen it often, but fail to recognize the name. The flower is arranged as a ball, then placed on long glass vase. In some occasions, the length of the vase is varied to give some accents. If you need certain ambiance, then pick certain color.

The difference between wedding planner and personal organizer is the sense to mix and match the arrangement in wedding venue. In addition to the perfect spots, there are also rules in arranging flowers. Learn your own color preference from the option above and let the other ornaments adjust themselves.