There is nothing wrong with blue touch in a wedding. Even though some couples are not used to the concept, but blue flowers could create certain ambiance to the setting. This special atmosphere could not show if you change it to the other tone. If you are interested, learn some ideas to control the blue power.

Navy Blue and Yellow Roses

The classic pair for blue flowers is yellow. These colors are contrastive, but that what makes them beautiful. Put white roses in between as the additional decoration. This bouquet tone is perfect for cheerful weeding in summer. Make sure the center piece takes similar tones, too.

Classic Blue Romance

Combining soft blue, pale yellow and white, you could get classic and romantic vibe. Recommend peonies, roses, irises, tweedias and hydrangea to your wedding planner. These flowers could complement each other well and leave almost no empty space. Want something more romantic? Tie the bouquet with pretty lace.

Winter Blue

Have you considered that berries could be a part of wedding bouquet, too? It works especially well for a winter wedding. Try to put white hydrangea, white baby breath and blue berries in a stem together. You will get stunning flower arrangement. Make sure the berries are tied in a small colony first.

Tropical Blue Cascading

Since you are brave enough to pull out blue concept, there is no need to shy. Ask for a flower bouquet made from asiatic lilies, ranunculus and blue orchid. For the dramatic effect, make it in cascading style. If the bride could wear lace white wedding gown, there is no way the blue bouquet will be unseen.

Rustic Blue Succulent

While normal flower bouquets take at least ten to fifteen flowers, the rustic blue succulent one only take about seven flowers. How? The size of succulent flower is quite big, and its greenish tone represent rustic charm perfectly. Blue hydrangeas and delphiniums on the side support the succulent well.

Bright Blue Bouquet

If you love bright blue colors, there is another bouquet options you might love. Instead of grouping several white roses and blue orchid together, two imitation peacock feather is also includes. This ornament makes the bouquet look brighter and unique.

Have you ever seen blue in any of your friends’ wedding? If you nod your head, then it is probably only as small ornament to make the main color outstanding. After seeing the potential of blue tone in creating different types of atmosphere, are you ready to apply it to the wedding venue?