Everyone knows that the center of attention of all weddings would be the dress. Although simplicity can be the important key of the dress, it doesn’t have to be completely simple – up to the level of being bare, bland, and plain. Having yourself the options of simple wedding dresses can really help – it expands your options on how to choose the right dress without having to spend too much – at least, not to the point of spending ridiculously a hefty amount of money for ‘only’ a dress.

Simplicity Is the Key

Nowadays, having the simplest cut doesn’t have to be boring or plain. You can choose the (seemingly) simplest dress and yet you will look absolutely stunning on your important day. It would be a good idea if you can add accessories or accents. Matching it up with the jewelries can also help – provided that you know which piece to choose. For an instance, having a simple tube dress will look more perfect when there is a glittery sash around the waist. The sash can be various. Some people may go for a silver sash with glitter for the white dress. Some may prefer the white or silver sash for the ivory dress. Some, who prefer a rather a bold color to deliver a unique effect, may prefer the glittery blue for the white dress. Some, who are into the modern but classical style, may choose the black sash. After all, a simple combination of black and white has never been boring.

Some of the Handy Tips

So, just because you decide to choose the simple wedding dresses it doesn’t mean that you should wear it down – and make yourself look boring in the end. Here are some of the handy tips to make your dress look more attractive without compromising the simplicity.

  • Make sure that you match up the accessories. You probably don’t know that there are certain types of metal that go along with the certain hues of the dress. For example, gold is best for ivory because the golden hue can be a perfect highlight for the cream. If you choose the white dress, go with platinum or silver. It would be best if you can complete it with pearl details as well, just to add up the elegant touch. Don’t pair up gold with white because both of them are bright. If you choose the off white color, pair it up with pearls, silver, rose gold, or yellow gold.
  • In the event that your dress already has its own accessories or beadwork, choose the color of your accessories based on the color of the accessories on your dress. Let’s say that your wedding dress has a unique and cute silver beading. It means that you can choose earrings or bracelet with the silver base.

Remember that being simple is not to overdo things. You don’t necessarily fill yourself up with accessories and accents. If you think that you always have to come with a set of jewelry, then there is something wrong with your concept. Choose one or two, max, so they won’t overcrowd yourself. If you have a unique pair of earrings, then you can match it up with the bracelet.  Remember the concept that less is more.

Make sure that one accessory or jewelry doesn’t cover up the others. For instance, if your dress already comes with appealing neck line with its own accents, don’t wear necklace that can cover it up. Choose a matching pair of earrings that will complete your whole look.

In the end, managing the simple but more glamorous look may require an effort. But when you are able to incorporate the simple wedding dresses, consider yourself successful.