Rustic wedding is always a lot of fun for being less formal and intimate. The modesty makes the best charm on this style that the expensive look often becomes dull comparing to this. No matter how great this style is, decorating in it is often challenging. If you want to involve flowers on the decoration, these ideas will please you.

Hydrangea Bouquet

Instead of wearing sophisticated flower bouquet, you should consider wearing one with simple and rustic touch. These bouquets uses white hydrangea for the flowers. It still gets a long stem on it while the entire arrangement is tied with burlap cloth. It is sweet, charming, and romantic, yet it is filled with rustic touch. The simplicity is what makes it special.

Rustic Pew

Instead of using small pew bouquet on the bench, it is also great to use the old tree trunk for tables so you can put simple flowers in jar on top of it. It outlines the aisle nicely without being too crowded or too vacant. The use of tree trunk and jars for the flowers is totally brilliant. You get the rustic look without too much effort.

Country Centerpieces

Of course, being consistent in simple decoration doesn’t mean you should left out the centerpieces. Instead of using one with too complicated style and expensive finish, you should take your seasonal wild flowers for it. For rustic touch, put those flowers randomly in a jar and tie the jar with burlap signs for your guests.

Flowers on Barrels

This idea is getting more and more popular now. The barrels have appropriate height and size to sign your gate to the ceremony or reception venue. Many couples incorporate wooden signs and other rustic details too for more elaborated look without leaving the simplicity and country feeling. Use neutral or bold colors for the flowers. You can’t go wrong with it.

Hang the Jars and Buckets

You can use garlands or elaborated floral ceiling decoration, but these mason jars and metal buckets make perfect container for your wild flowers decoration. It looks simple and very rustic, yet it is still a charming decoration that leads you guests to look up. Paired with twinkle lights and candles, it will be super romantic.

Rustic wedding is great and using flowers are highly possible. But if you want it to stay rustic, vintage and country details will be needed for the look. Those ideas give you great example on how to combine those details into charming flowers detail. Adopt some!