Being a plus size bridesmaid is actually not an issue at all. There are more than enough designs to flatter your body shape. Of course, you may have several insecurities as well but the point isn’t on how to cover all. The following dresses are gorgeous and flattering, and you’ll feel confident to wear it.

Black Full Length Dress

Black is like a life saver for a plus size girl, even though this color isn’t the only thing you can wear. This dress wears black that cover some of your silhouette, creating slimmer figure in display. The heart shaped bustier makes sure your top and waist are well shaped, while the light and long skirt makes sure you look elegant.

Mermaid Burgundy

This mermaid dress is a brilliant idea to flatter your best features and improve your insecurities. While the entire design is planned to keep you well shaped, the burgundy shade gives slimmer and slender impression. This style is already elegant and the color makes it looks expensive. The best thing is it is great for every venue too.

Tea Length Dress in Neutral

This dress looks chic and casual for using neutral shade for it. The white top is romantic with all the lace patterns. Going down, the a-line knee length shirt flatter your lower body part and gives taller impression for exposing your feet. It looks light and simple so it doesn’t look too much on you, which is flattering as well.

Burgundy and White Knee Length Dress

These bridesmaids look gorgeous with the simple dress. This is actually a basic tea party dress with the back side of the skirt actually grown longer than the front. Wearing burgundy, this dress gets the glam and elegant touch. Meanwhile, the white lace covers your insecurities without being too much. With an open slit, this dress is perfect and chic.

Green Suede

This dress looks amazing. The mermaid design is already a great idea. It shapes your body and waist, and creates flattering silhouette to everyone. The low neckline gives slender and slimmer impression while the green shade is warm enough to cover your insecurities. It looks elegant, fun, and chic at the same time.

In sum, choosing a dress for a plus size bridesmaid isn’t a hard thing to do now. You only need to know your own body and choose the right shape and color to flatter your figure. Those girls don’t cover too much and they still look fabulous.