Fall wedding can be something romantic yet intimate. The season is right to be festive. There are a lot of dramatic colors, harvests and crops, and so many delightful things. These details can be added to enrich your wedding. Check out these fall wedding decorations and see if you can borrow some on yours.

Centerpieces Rich with Yellow and Orange

Yellow and orange are the right color for the season. It is practically anywhere so creating centerpieces with these hues will be practical. Take a look at this centerpiece. It pairs ranunculus in yellow and orange with greeneries and berries. While it looks fresh, it is also fabulous for a centerpiece. Your table will be perfect for reception.

Set Some Lounges

Even though it starts to get chill on the outside, it is still a great season to enjoy the outdoors. Instead of setting the seats only on the reception tables, setting up several lounges like this will be great. Beneath the tree is one of the best spots so your guest can enjoy the changing leaves and the atmosphere best.

Ceremony Arch with Seasonal Touch

This ceremony arch looks great for being seasonal. Made out of some birches, this arch is actually really simple by the design. What makes it special is the flower arrangement on the corner. It features seasonal flowers including roses and dahlias with some foliage in it too. The combination makes popping color and dreamy look.

Apple Corner

It’s fall season and there are crops to enjoy the whole season. Instead of adding many flowers, make it unique and seasonal the season’s fruit for more stunning decoration. This decoration features several bushel baskets, crates, tree trunks, some candles, and ferns. The best part of the decoration is on the shiny red apples. Yumm!

Seasonal Muted Hues

If you insist on using flowers for the decoration, this flower arrangement will probably suit your need. This flower arrangement is made large enough so it covers enough detail for the entire bar table. The arrangement features succulents, dusty miller, and Queen Anne’s lace with muted hues. It’s dramatic and romantic while staying low with these hues.

As you can see, there is a lot of fun when holding a wedding on fall. Make sure to grab those seasonal details from the colors to crops, and enjoy the warm inviting look. Feel free to add a little twist with your own style.