Dallas Wedding Planners Share Tips and Trends From an Eventful 2022

Dallas Wedding Planners Share Tips and Trends From an Eventful 2022

Following two years of pandemic-prompted uncertainty and hesitation, wedding plans are finally moving full steam ahead—and then some. Wedding website The Knot predicted that 2.6 million weddings will take place in 2022 (up from 2.2 million in 2019), predominately during this summer and fall.

Given the city’s many, many top-tier wedding venues, it’s hard to imagine a good portion of those nuptials won’t take place in Dallas, Texas. To get a better understanding of this exceptional year, we tapped in-demand local wedding planners and vendors, who graciously took a break from their (excessively) busy schedules to share what they’ve learned.


Dallas Wedding Planners Share Tips and Trends From an Eventful 2022
The Crescent Club was transformed into a Parisian salon for Oliver Davey’s Dallas wedding. (Photo by Bowie Alexander)

What changes have you noticed now that wedding season is finally back in full swing? Are there any traditions that have fallen to the wayside?

“This year, couples are looking to host events that create an experience versus the typical series of events that would take place for a wedding.”   Prashe Shah, of Prashe Decor

“We have seen intimate weddings fall to the wayside in 2022. People are excited to gather with friends and family post-Covid.”—  Emily White of Bella Flora

“I actually feel like, in 2022, people are valuing more of what is important to them and less of what is a tradition. I think brides are having more fun with all elements of the wedding, from the stationary to the entertainment, and leaning towards nontraditional ways to entertain their guests.” — Sara Fay Egan of Sara Fay Egan Events


The brides’ custom denim jackets were made at Levi’s Legacy West location. (Photo by Tom Shirmacher)

What wedding trends have you begun noticing this year?

“The typical bridal wardrobe has become edgier and less traditional in 2022.” — Prashe Shah, of Prashe Decor

“The wedding after party has been a big trend in 2022. I think especially brides that have waited so long during coved, they do not want the party to end now that its finally here!”— Sara Fay Egan of Sara Fay Egan Events

“This year, we are noticing the color sage green as a popular alternative to the color pale blue, which has been popular over the past years.” — Emily White of Bella Flora

“This year, couples are looking for non-ballroom spaces to bring their vision to life.” —  Prashe Shah, of Prashe Decor


A special member of the bridal party. (Photo by Liz Banfield)

What wedding florals are especially popular in Dallas now?

“We are currently seeing lots of pale blue color palettes with proper, Southern-Inspired decor.” — Emily White of Bella Flora

In Dallas, couples are still opting for tall centerpieces, but the blush and white floral scene is dead.” — Prashe Shah, of Prashe Decor

Todd Fiscus planted lantana weeks ahead of the wedding to ensure hundreds of monarch butterflies would also be in attendance at the Schlegel’s Preston Hollow estate. (Photo by John Cain)

Any new, fun touches couples are wanting to their nuptials?

“People are straying from neon signs, opting for more creative backdrops in 2022.” — Emily White of Bella Flora

“Some of our brides have purchased decor items such as tables, lanterns, vases, and monogrammed napkins to add a special residential feel to their 2022 wedding. These design touches help the wedding to feel more like the style of the couple instead of renting them. Then they can keep the items in their new home after the wedding.”— Sara Fay Egan of Sara Fay Egan Events


The couple’s dog made a reception appearance. (Photo by Lady Ilg Photography)

What cocktails are on the menu most this year?

 “Espresso Martinis are having their moment with a ’90s-inspired trend. We know 2022 wedding guests could use a kick of caffeine.” — Emily White of Bella Flora

“An Old Fashion and Moscow mules are still big on the wedding menu in 2022.” — Prashe Shah, of Prashe Decor

“Tequila! We try not to get too “catchy” with drinks options and instead give guests what they want—like a Ranch Water, but served in a beautiful glass, pretty tray, and custom cocktail napkin. We love all the details, but also try not to mess up what works!”— Sara Fay Egan of Sara Fay Egan Events


Meredith–first glass of wine
Raphael Chaumette, left, joins his brother Alexandre Chaumette in toasting the newlyweds James Craig and their mother, Jacquie Baly, during the couple’s wedding in St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands. (Photo by Meredith Zimmerman)

What do you think those planning a wedding (or any big event!) should know before they begin?

Absolutely hire a planner for the weekend’s festivities to take the details off of your plate. A good planner will help your designer coordinate all elements of your event for a cohesive look.” — Emily White of Bella Flora

“Pick a venue that will provide you and your friends and family the best experience possible.” — Prashe Shah, of Prashe Decor 

“Understand your budget and make sure it aligns with your location and guest count before you begin. This really helps to make sure everyone is on the same page from the beginning.”— Sara Fay Egan of Sara Fay Egan Events