Decorating the church for a wedding can be challenging at times. Most couple are afraid of being too much and disrespecting the church while it is actually alright to have a little fun a little bit. If you need some ideas to steal for your wedding, these decoration details will be great inspirations.

Paper Pew Bouquets for the Chairs

While the aisle will be decorated too, the chairs on the left and right of it works as the wall. Instead of leaving it plain, you can actually use paper pew bouquets on it. The small one should be modest yet sweet. You can use bold color for more statement. In alternative, big sizes are great too for a little drama.

Sign the Altar

As long as it doesn’t disrespect and cover the religious symbols in the church, you are allowed to have signs as well at the altar. This example shows four pillars with oversized lettering on each of it spelling love. At the “you may kiss the bride” moment, the pillars will be turned and it spells XOXO.

The Arch

Of course, you need to get the arch. Depending on your wedding theme, the arch should have consistent style. This arch is involving urns enriched with gold leaves everywhere of the arch and branches of Bradford pear. This arch should be perfect at the aisle entrance or at the altar with taller set up, bringing the nature outdoor beauty inside.

Flower Petals and Candles

Of course, an aisle covered with flower petals is great but impractical. This aisle gives the same, or maybe even better, elegance without the need to cover the entire aisle. This aisle gets flower petals on blush hue on the right and left. The drama is derived from the candle in clear tall tubes. It’s pretty and neat.

Wedding Wreaths

Wreaths are the best items to add to welcome your guests at the church while it remains stunning for decoration as well. These wreaths are hung on the entrance, greeting everyone with its romantic bold colors. You can practically use local seasonal flowers for it and add ribbons to soften the look.

There are many ways in decorating the church for a wedding ceremony. Depending on the venue, you can actually enrich several parts with decorations. When you finish with the below and on eye level decoration, consider adding up. The church can look dreamy too.