Holding a wedding is not just a matter of decoration of your wedding, but there is still much that needs to be prepared so that the wedding reception is said to be perfect. Other things to be made include such as wedding dresses, wedding rings, bridal shoes and wedding cake. To prepare everything would require a little cost especially if we have to buy and make wedding cakes are luxurious and expensive. Do not worry, we have some choices of simple wedding cake and certainly not drain your money but still elegant and unique.

Inspiration mini wedding cake for wedding reception

Various kinds of wedding cake you can make a choice, ranging from mini-sized cake tart to a giant tart-sized pie – level. For those of you who want a simple but still fancy pie cake, you can make the following cake recommendation for your choice of cake that you can make at a wedding:

  • White Tart Cake

Carrying the white theme is one of the top concepts that often become the choice of every bride. So it is not strange if many who order a white wedding cake. For your wedding cake to be more beautiful and attractive, then you can give decoration of small flowers colorful on the edge of your cake. Although the way of making simple and cheap, this wedding cake still looks charming because it is not excessive and not tacky.

  • Two-tar cake

For those of you who want a straightforward and affordable wedding cake, you’d better choose two levels for your wedding cake. The cake for the wedding party does not need to be too high, big and luxurious. As long as the cake can be cut and can still be distributed to guests, the small cube size is also not a problem. You can choose the size of a medium-sized wedding cake and with two levels.

  • Cake with marble color

If you are bored with a white or pink monotone wedding cake, you can combine both colors can be more beautiful again. The marble color is a mixture of pink and white also can make your tart cake becomes more attractive again. You can add a flower decoration to make the cake pie more beautiful.

  • Cake with gold accents

If you carry the concept of all-white, it would be better if you do not just give plain white color to the cake for your wedding tart. You should be able to provide other colors to make your cake look more luxurious. You can try to give a golden color for your cake pie decoration. Of course, the existing gold ornaments can be eaten. To look more attractive it would be better if you give your name and your spouse initials.

  • Whipped Cream Ombre Graduation mini cake

Now this is indeed the color of ombre is often a choice for everyone to the concept of a wedding party is done. With a fresh color and a unique gradation is indeed the right thing for young couples. Ombre colors not only can you add to your invitation, but in the cake, you can also give a beautiful impression.

  • Mini wedding cake With Thin Whipped Cream

Cream can not be kept away from cakes in general, as well as cakes for wedding parties. Not everyone will love the cream on the cake because of the sweet taste of this very. It would be better if you order a tart for your wedding with a thin and medium-sized whipped cream.

For those of you who don’t have many costs for wedding receptions and a small budget for wedding cakes, after reading this article, you do not have to worry, because of it still many wedding cake options are straightforward and cheap but still look elegant and able to be a compliment at your wedding. May be useful!