The beach wedding dresses are mostly chosen by brides who are planning their wedding on the beach. After all, it couldn’t be better. With the sea as the background, the sun shining down on you, the gentle breeze blowing on your hair, and the sound of the waves, nothing can be more beautiful and somewhat serene about the beach wedding. However, for some brides, it is the battle of finding the right dress that occupies their mind. And they find out that finding one may not be as easy as they thought. Of course, you shouldn’t go over their problems and share their difficulties, should you?

The Important Considerations

Of course, the picture of you having the beach wedding is irresistible and magical. But let’s not forget that it will deal with lots of sand. Yes, the sand that can be caught up in between your toes or your dress. This is one of the major reasons why most of the wedding dresses for the beach are short – not the full length type. But then again, it comes down to personal preference and like, really. Some people don’t want to ruin their dress, so they choose the shorter length. Some, though, don’t really mind with their dress. As long as they can have their dream wedding, everything else doesn’t matter. And they choose over the long length gown over the short one. Again, it is not about right or wrong – it is about your personal choice and preference.

What’s important is that you should choose the beach wedding dresses that are comfortable for you. Having the beach wedding is a bit more complicated that you think. It is going to be sunny – maybe a bit warm or even hot. And yet, it is going to be windy too. Choosing the right dress can be a tricky thing. You probably think that the sleeveless dress is your best option and yet t is going to be windy so there may be times that it may get cold or chilly. But then again, if you choose a heavier fabric or a thicker one, it may not be comfy for you after all because of the heat. Confusing, eh?

How to Choose the Right Dress

So, how do you choose the right dress for your beach wedding, after all?

  • You want to choose something light and breezy – but not too light that it is easily blown by the wind. Chiffon or tule will be the best option for the beach dress. Chiffon, especially, is super flexible. If you are looking for a higher quality of fabric, you can try the silk chiffon. It is costlier but it will be worth your spending.
  • Whether you choose the sleeveless or the sleeved dress, having one with a low back will improve your look and sexiness – without making you look cheap.
  • Avoid wearing the heavy satin. Not only you will look too much from wearing one, it will wear you down because of the heavy effect on your body.

Here are other further options in choosing the right beach dress:

  • If you decide to wear the full length dress, have the one that can puddle down behind your ankle. Not only it will create a fashionable effect, it will also prevent you from tripping
  • Accessories are important but you want to tone it down to prevent doing it too much. A simple necklace is okay. Or a headpiece that looks like a hobo design will create a smashing effect.
  • Avoid a dress with too many layers. Again, it will be too heavy on you.

In the end, you still need to try the dress on to see how it fits your nicely and perfectly. But if you can find yourself the perfect beach wedding dresses for your important day, you should be able to go through the day just perfectly.