A guide to relationship in Japan

Congratulations! You and your partner are engaged and ready to choose that next significant phase. Regardless of whether you’re a fluent Japanese speaker or just cannot inform your migi (右 suitable) from your hidari (左 left), with the Savvy Guidebook to Marriage in Japan, you will be ready to manage the legal/paperwork side of acquiring married below with ease.

So You’re Ready to Get Married


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Maintain it. There are some essential details you and your partner will have to fulfill before you ought to even think about attempting to get married. These may seem like clear points, but according to a civil servant good friend, they’ve found men and women skip these crucial policies prior to.

1st matters 1st. In accordance to the Japanese Civil Code and the amendments made as of April 2022, gentlemen and gals aged 18 and above are legally permitted to marry. Essentially place, if you can legally get married in your residence state, you can get married in Japan. You can marry an individual else from your native place, another person from one more state, or a Japanese nationwide.

Only in the subsequent instances can a relationship be refused:

  • Are you married in your dwelling nation, a girl that has a short while ago divorced (a lot less than six months in the past), are in some way connected to your spouse, or illegally residing in Japan?
  • If you’re presently married, then it is illegal in most nations around the world to marry yet another human being period. Even though contentious, a not long ago divorced female are unable to remarry inside 6 months of explained divorce except if she offers birth to a youngster conceived right before the divorce.
  • The Japanese Civil Code forbids the marriage of folks who are similar by blood, adoption, or via other marriages. If you are residing illegally in Japan, you simply cannot get the necessary files in purchase to be married and any attempt to do so might result in your deportation.

Who Is Acquiring Married?


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Marriages concerning two foreign nationals in Japan are likely to be either civil, religious, or the two. Nonetheless, only holding a spiritual ceremony devoid of registering the marriage with a metropolis/ward business does not indicate you are legally married in Japan and thus may not lawfully be married period.

Irrespective of whether you are marrying a Japanese countrywide or one more foreign national in Japan, the exact method and paperwork is essential.

What Are Your Options?

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