A Full Guideline to ‘Game of Thrones’s Infamous Purple Marriage

The red wedding -- Game of thrones

There are many plot points—and so consequentially several scenes—that have helped solidify Video game of Thrones as an legendary piece of tv. Primarily in the show’s very first 5 seasons, when the storyline was however carefully following George R.R. Martin’s guides ahead of driving fully off a cliff—but let us not get as well caught up in the tragic ending of Bought the moment yet again. It’s in the past, it simply cannot damage us, it’s time to allow it go.

So, we were saying—iconic scenes. This remaining Activity of Thrones, of course “iconic” is more normally than not synonymous with “brutal” or “shocking”—just feel of when they really did chop Ned Stark’s head off to actually hammer household the thought that there was no plot armour to be located, for anyone. And I believe that if we were being producing a position of iconic Match of Thrones scenes the whole sequence that marks the demise of Robb Stark and the Northern military would rank quite significant up.

Oh Robb, babe. Your curls ended up way too perfect for the cruel earth of Westeros (HBO)

The notorious Red Marriage ceremony is a massive plot point in the 3rd e-book of the A Music of Ice and Fire sequence, A Storm of Swords. The location is the marriage ceremony celebrations of Roslin Frey, one of the numerous youngsters of Lord Walder Frey of the Twins, and Lord Edmure Tully of Riverrun, Catelyn’s brother—Edmure getting the put Robb need to have occupied when Catelyn had bargained his hand in exchange for harmless passage throughout the Inexperienced Fork of the Trident. Robb, having said that, has married the noblewoman Jayne Westerling, whom he satisfied in the course of his war in the South, and so he hopes to appease Lord Walder by acquiring his uncle fulfill the marriage alliance in his stead. And we all know that things never truly go in accordance to program.

The marriage ceremony feast, which we go through via Catelyn’s position of watch, occupies all of the Twins—with a ceremony for the nobles having area in the most important corridor and additional merriment taking place throughout the Stark camp outside the house of the fortress. There are, of system, musicians, who participate in a large repertoire of preferred Westerosi tracks like “The Bear and the Maiden Fair”—and all appears to be to be likely rather properly till the songs switches to “The Rains of Castamere,” the song composed to try to remember Lord Tywin Lannister’s annihilation of House Reyne, a vassal of Dwelling Lannister.

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And that’s the signal every single Frey gentleman at arms was anticipating to start out slaughtering all Northmen, from foot soldiers to nobles—including Robb Stark, the King in the North himself, whom Roose Bolton stabs, and Catelyn Tully, whose throat is reduce by just one of Walder Frey’s sons.

The very same function is portrayed in the ninth episode of Period 3 of Sport of Thrones—really starting the full custom of “episode nine currently being the goriest and bloodiest of the entire season”—which is aptly titled “The Rains of Castamere.” There are some slight modifications, which accommodate the different directions some storylines have taken in the show—like Oona Chaplin’s Talisa Maegyr, who is Robb’s spouse and queen in location of Jayne Westerling.


The event—which was anticipated with both equally delight and dread by e-book viewers, specially if they had non-book visitors pals who experienced no notion what they had been headed into—was a significant watershed minute the two in-universe and extradiegetically. In just the tale, the demise of Robb Stark marked the Lannister victory in the War of the Five Kings, as effectively as the defection of the Boltons from their liege lords to Tywin—which opens up the full Ramsay storyline at Winterfell.

Ramsay Bolton looks at dog before he is eaten in GOT
At minimum we know how his tale finishes (HBO)

In the publications, the Red Marriage ceremony is also a catalyst of Northern rage, mainly because, as we’ve been told instances and times yet again, “the North remembers.” It is been hinted in the course of the textbooks that follow A Storm of Swords that there could be anything afoot in the North, with many lords seemingly conspiring to avenge what took place at the Twins and restore the Starks to their rightful seat in Winterfell—fans simply call it “the Great Northern Conspiracy.” It’s brilliant. I want we had The Winds of Winter on our fingers to see if we’re correct or not.

The Red Marriage ceremony marked the very last we noticed of beloved characters that had been with us because Year 1, like Robb and Catelyn—and also reminded us all the moment all over again that none of our faves was risk-free. Till Year 5, that is—then it is a cost-free-for-all plot armour sale all the way till Period 8.

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