7 Things TikTok Taught Me About Wedding Planning & I Would’ve Totally Missed Some (VIDEOS)

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When I got engaged, I immediately set my wedding date two and a half years away to give myself lots of time to plan. But sadly, no amount of time is enough!

As I get closer to my 2024 date, I’ve turned to TikTok which has become my make-shift wedding planner for some much-needed advice.

It’s not a secret that planning a wedding is stressful, and there’s no class you can take for this sh*t. All of a sudden you’re expected to know the names of different dress cuts, wedding etiquette, prices for flowers and so much more.

I’ve been to a total of one wedding, and it was when I was in high school so I definitely wasn’t taking notes. When I got engaged I was like “cool, I get to throw a big party!”

Then the questions started rolling in. “Where’s the save the dates?” “Do you have a theme?” “Are you writing your own vows?”

It’s overwhelming AF and I still don’t know what the purpose of a wedding rehearsal is. Someone, please tell me, why do I have to practice walking?

It’s clear I’m not the bride with all the answers. Luckily, these TikToks gave me some wildly helpful info on where to spend money, what not to forget, helpful hacks and even the stuff I can skip entirely.

Buckle up brides, because these tips will save your big day, and help relieve those stressful ones leading up to it.

Use Postable

This was honestly the first question when people asked about Save The Dates. How am I supposed to know everyone’s address?

I have phone numbers and Instagram handles, and that’s it, folks.

Since my friends gave me a hard no when I suggested just texting out the date, I was at a loss. Then I stumbled upon this TikTok.

You just make an account on Postable and share it with your guests. Then they just add their address and info, and suddenly you have all you need to send out Save The Dates and invitations.

I’ve also seen people on TikTok using Google Forms for this too! It’s pretty genius.


How to get all your guests addresses in an execl sheet with zero effort!! #bridetobe #weddinghack #2023bride #weddinginvitation #minted @Minted

Splurge on a videographer

Not going to lie, I didn’t even think about paying for a videographer. However, hearing that missing out on a good one were some couples’ biggest regret, it got me thinking about how nice it would be to document the day.

While I’m on a budget, spending money on the things that will help me remember the day seems worthwhile.


Number 1 regretzzzzz 🫶🏼⚡️💍🕺 #weddingregrets #weddingregret #bridetobe #engagedaf #2023bride #shesaidyes #weddingtipsandtricks

Have activities that aren’t dancing

I love dancing, so my whole plan for the evening of my wedding was to open up the dance floor and have some fun. I never really considered that some guests aren’t into it.

The last thing I want is for people to just be leaning against the wall being party poopers, so it’s actually a great idea to have other activities to keep the party fun for everyone.

Now I’m planning to have some lawn games so people can stay entertained!


Some wedding day tips that you may have not thought of! #wedding #weddinghacks #budgetwedding #fyp #bride #married #ShowUpShowOff #Animation

Don’t put out a chair for every guest

This one kind of blew my mind. It shows how little things can fall through the cracks, even simple math.

Apparently, venues will usually put out the correct number of chairs for the number of people attending the wedding. Makes sense right?

Actually, no. If you have a big bridal party, that’s a decent amount of empty seats at the ceremony since they’re standing up with you, and it looks like people just bailed.


Listen up 🤍 #weddingceremony #weddinghack #weddingadvice

Add song requests to the RSVP

Again, my main goal for this wedding is to have a great time. That’s not happening if no one is into the music.

Adding a box in the RSVP for people to make song suggestions means that everyone will have at least a few bangers to enjoy.


We absolutely loved our wedding reception playlist. Plus having a good DJ helps!!! Only love for the middle school bangerz 😉 #weddingreceptionplaylist #weddingreception #weddingplaylist #weddingmusic #danceplaylist

Get all the pics

Obviously, you’re not really snapping pics all night, that’s what a photographer is for. But if you’re like me and want to see some ASAP, then this is the perfect solution.

Now I’m going to have a little sign with my number out front, reminding people to send all the cute pictures my way.


love love this idea!! Would you do it?! #weddingtips #weddingtricks #weddingideas #weddingplanning #weddingplanningtips #wedding101 #weddingtok #bridetobe #2023bride #2024bride #uniqueweddingideas

Programs are a waste of money

A lot of things people do for a wedding are purely out of tradition.

I find myself not actually knowing the purpose of so many things, and a lot of them cost money! I definitely would have gotten programs made without even thinking about it, because that’s just what you do, or so I thought.


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