The idea of wearing unique or rather unusual wedding dress can be frightening for so many brides. However, there is almost no rule when it comes to wedding dress. Bride is free to choose the wedding wear, dress or not dress, white or red. If you like breaking traditions and have a little fun, the following dresses will amuse you.

  1. 130 Lacey by Monique Lhuillier

This is basically not a dress but a jumpsuit. The jumpsuit is sheering on the top with the rest of the outfit is enriched with rose embroidery. The work is so delicate and brilliant, giving the jumpsuit a romantic nuance which makes it perfect for the blushing bride. While it looks modern and fun, this jumpsuit looks elegant as well.

  1. Yoko Dress by Francesca Miranda

This looks like Swan Lake costume at glance. The bodice adopts racy style but in the most excellent taste. The bust and some more parts of the bodice is covered with feathered details which are arranged intricately. Going down, the organza skirt is shiny and elegant. This dress is an attention stealer.

  1. SS16-03 by Rami Kadi

This is probably the most unique wedding dress alternative. While it still wears gold shade which makes it classic in style, this dress is enriched with laser cut sequins everywhere. While the sequins create texture for the dress, it is specially designed to dramatically fall down following your body shape. It’s groundbreaking, fun, yet brilliant.

  1. FW 16-4 by Rami Kadi

Again, this designer offers something unique and more. This unusual wedding dress looks like a show stopping piece already for being black and white. Instead of flowers, it is covered with beetle details. These exquisite embellishments transform into fluorescent green in a dark room, which is amazing and dramatic. If you are holding a gothic wedding, this is the best dress to wear.

  1. FW 15-26 by Rami Kadi

This dress is much celebrated when it appears for the first time. By the shape, this dress has all it takes for a wedding dress, drama, style, elegance, and class. The tulle dress wears pale blue shade which is topped with gold details. The combination is unusual but subtle and tasteful. While it looks fun, it also looks glamorous, stylish, and dramatic as well.

These wedding dresses are great example and inspiration on how unique piece can be an answer for your wedding and personality. Which one of the list above is your favorite?