Sunflower is closely associated with happiness, brightness, and warm feelings. Inducing this on your wedding invitation is a great shot out to your guests that your wedding is going to be that way. If you need some ideas, the following invitations have evoking shiny feeling without compromising the elegance needed for a wedding. Check this out.

Simple and Sweet

This invitation uses only plain white paper with enough thickness so it sticks alright. The sunflower details are added on the upper and lower part of the invitation, making cute header and footer of it. The calligraphy is enriching the center part, making a perfect combination of modern lettering and rather vintage details.

Rustic Style

Of course, sunflower will works great for a rustic invitation. This one uses burlap, plain white paper, and rustic rope for the entire set. The sunflower detail is used on the upper side, looking like a pencil drawing. The lettering is casual and fun, making the entire invitation is filled with country feeling. This sure indicates super fun wedding.

Yellow, Blue, and Bold

This invitation is unlike any other sunflower invitations. It gets the opening part so the main invitation is on the inside of the set. The entire outer part is made of navy blue paper, giving the invitation a bold and distinctive look. While the inside is plain white paper with the most attractive lettering to read, it gets sunflower seal which is cute.

Simple Country Invitation

This one features small image of sunflowers in the jar at the beginning of the invitation. The rest of the plain white invitation is casual lettering with modern setting to make the invitation simple yet fun. The sunflower detail makes an excellent pop out accent at the monochrome finish of the invitation, making it sweet in the modest way.

All Printed and Modern

This invitation looks super fresh and light making us to assume the wedding is really fun and intimate. Using plain white paper, the sunflower print colors at the top pop out just well. The lettering is then finished in black two different fonts. While it is simple in design, it looks totally sophisticated. Once we receive the invitation, we don’t want to miss the wedding.

This wedding invitation is perfect for country and rustic wedding. Summer wedding is match as well, but you can always bring summer on other seasons for a wedding. Keep it simple and low key so the sunflower pops out.