5 Main Differences Between Engagement Rings and Wedding Rings

Rings stand for eternal commitment. This is why choosing your engagement ring and wedding ring is a serious task. It’s not something that should be done on a whim. Such rings will symbolize your commitment, loyalty, fidelity, and love to your partner. Hence, you must choose well.

To choose well, you need to know the clear differences between the two. Allow us to help you in that journey. In this article, we’d enlist the five main differences between an engagement ring and a wedding ring. Knowing them will enable you to choose the right rings for you and your beloved.

Brief History

Before delving into it though, allow us to share a few trivia about engagement rings and wedding rings”

  • The practice of giving a ring to one’s beloved is believed to have begun with the ancient Romans. Ancient Roman wives wore rings that come with small keys to signify that they are their husband’s property. (It’s a good thing that the world has come a long way already! Women are no longer considered property and now, men get to wear rings as well! Hurray for equality!)
  • The first-ever recorded commissioning of the creation of a diamond engagement ring was done in 1477 by Archduke Maximillian of Austria for his then soon-to-be-wife, Mary of Burgundy.
  • Such tradition quickly caught on with elite societies but it was only during the 1900s that it became popular among the masses.

5 Main Differences Between Engagement Rings and Wedding Rings

1. When Given

Which one is given first?

Engagement Rings: An engagement ring is given during the proposal. It’s the ring that a person offers to formally invite a partner to enter into matrimony. It’s only when a partner agrees to such an invitation (that sweet yes!) that an offered engagement ring is then worn by the other. Traditionally, only women wear engagement rings. But it’s already 2022 so you’re very free to decide if you want both you and your partner (regardless of gender) to wear an engagement ring. Engagement rings, once worn, signify the commitment of one to be married to another. It signifies that one is already set to be partnered for life.

Wedding Rings: Wedding rings on the other hand are worn and exchanged during the wedding ceremony. Such rings signify the official bond of marriage. Both partners traditionally wear wedding rings.

2. Design

Are there specific rules when it comes to design?

Engagement Rings: Engagement rings don’t have to be particularly flashy or expensive. They usually have a more elaborate design but all will boil down to your preference and your partner’s personality. Note that you don’t have to look for one with diamonds or expensive gems. The most important thing to consider is to choose one that your partner will love and enjoy wearing. It has to be a piece that will always instantly remind your partner of your love for each other. Diamonds, in truth, are not requisite. (As you’ve read earlier, it was only Archduke Maximillian of Austria who thought of it and everyone just copied it!) But if you want to give one with diamonds, you better choose one from a trusted seller. You wouldn’t want to spend so much over one that is not even authentic. Diamond engagement rings by Bejouled are ones that you should check out if you’re after buying an engagement ring with authentic diamonds that come in premium and beautiful designs.

Wedding Rings: Wedding rings have simpler designs. They don’t usually come with large diamonds or gems. Most brides usually opt for plain wedding rings to complement their engagement rings.

3. Functionality

Can your engagement ring and wedding ring be one and the same?

Engagement Rings: Your engagement ring can also count as your wedding ring. There is no rule whatsoever that will keep you from making it function as a wedding ring as well. It will all boil down to your personal preference. In fact, some younger couples now opt to not buy a separate wedding ring. This is why some married people no longer have a wedding band. This is because they personally decided that a sole engagement ring will do.

Wedding Rings: Your wedding ring can count as your engagement ring as well. However, you need to be particular as to when you’d like to give it. As wedding rings are only given during the wedding ceremony, your partner needs to be aware of such preference. You wouldn’t want your partner to be expecting a separate engagement ring when what you have in mind is the exact opposite.

4. Matching

Should they be bought together?

Engagement Rings: An engagement ring can be separately purchased. Complimentary wedding rings can simply be bought right after.

Wedding Rings: You can buy a wedding ring together with an engagement ring if your goal is to have their designs match and complement each other. Per matching, know that your engagement ring and wedding ring need not match at all. You can choose two different styles, designs, and gold colors. All will depend on your personal preference. It’s your wedding! You get to call the shots on everything. Your wedding ring does not also need to match with your partner. You can have a white gold wedding ring while your partner can wear a yellow gold one.

5. Where to Wear

Which finger do you wear them?

Engagement Rings: An engagement ring is worn on one’s left hand on the finger next to the pinky finger.

Wedding Rings: A wedding ring is also worn on the same finger where the engagement ring is.