Country wedding is gorgeous but deciding on the decoration is sometimes a bit of a challenge. It is easy to overdo things while country decoration is about simplicity and rustic look. You need to include vintage and rustic stuffs while adding a little modest fab on it. Like these decorations, it has everything for a country look. Check it out to borrow it for your wedding.

Display of Vintage Mirror

There is always a need for a space with special attraction on the wedding venue. While other options seem dull, you should consider this display. There is a collection of vintage mirror hanged on the barn wall over the couple table. It makes a perfect background for the space and it doesn’t take a lot to make.

Tablescape with Rustic Look

The table is covered with simple white cloth while it is paired with a couple of wooden chair. This is already very rustic. On top of the table, simple setting is added while it gets fern leaves on the plate for a little accent. The green hue is what completes the country look, giving modest yet romantic atmosphere.

Wooden Menu Board

Why do we have to use any more paper in the wedding if we can use something else like this wood slice? If you choose one with big enough size, it will be enough to display so your guests can return to it anytime they want to check on the dinner menu. Finished in neutral layer and calligraphed in vintage font, this is a perfect décor and menu board.

Make It Dreamy at the Overhead Too

It is always naturally tempting to focus more on how you deck out the entire tables and put everything within the eye level. When it comes to decoration, you need to look up too. For the best country look, set some string twinkle light and pair it with several glass orbs for a magical look. It is simple yet dreamy.

More Wild Flowers and Ferns

Country style is like nothing without enough ferns and wild flowers on the decoration. Wild flowers are commonly small so it makes perfect detail on a rustic arrangement. Meanwhile, use bushes of ferns and use it to complete every corner. The greeneries will change dull décor into something rustic and vintage. It is a cheap and efficient way to get the country look.

Now you get more than enough ideas that use simple details. They are easy to borrow and you’ll get the best country look without spending too much budget on it.