Beach wedding is a lot of fun so you should includes a lot of fun on the decorations as well. The best thing about beach wedding is that your venue allows you to add more unusual details and focal points. If you need some fresh ideas, you should see the following decorations.

Tribal Torch

If the reception is going to be held during the evening, tribal torches are great addition to your decoration. This is a great example of a torch with tribal style. While it is simple to make, the look alone is so impacting, giving you the most unique and stunning decoration. When the night sky is on, it will be totally dramatic.

Try Green and Blue

The combination of green and blue can’t go wrong on a beach wedding. It naturally the colors of the venue, and you only add the best version of it. This table setting is the best example of the concept. While the table gets blue lining, it is also enriched with special centerpiece with a lot of greeneries.

Marquee Letters

If you want something special and dazzling at the same time, you can use marquee letters on the beach for focal points of the entire decoration. Pick ones of your initials and choose the oversized letters. Completed with lights and perfect placement, you’ll get will improved decoration and stunning venue.

Coastal Lounge Space

Instead of using too many flower arrangements, which are expensive, too intense, and possibly boring, you should consider adding lounge areas in the venue. It makes the wedding more intimate and casual while guests can actually enjoy the time during the cocktail hour, mingling and catch up. This is a perfect place for your photo display too.

Beach-Inspired Photo Booth

Instead bringing the usual ideas for the photo booth, you can embrace the nautical atmosphere around you. This photo booth uses sailboat theme, which is fun, brilliant, and stunning. While it creates stunning decoration on the venue, your guests will be really interested to try it. This kind of photo booth is always welcomed for not being boring.

In sum, there are so many others thing that you can use when it comes to beach wedding decoration. From what you put on the table to the photo booth, your wedding venue can be improved while the decoration is actually functional as well. Which one of the ideas above is your favorite decoration?