11 Best Wedding Gifts You Can Give in 2022

You may not be the one up at the altar exchanging nuptials, but you can still say “I do” to give the best wedding gift you can give. That entails giving a wedding present you would actually want if the roles were reversed.

Of course, you can probably expect to attend a lot of weddings this year. The Knota popular wedding planning website and app—predicts that a record high of marriages, an estimated 2.6 million, will take place in the U.S. in 2022. If you’ve already received a Save the Date or two in the mail, you’ll need a few quality gift ideas.

11 Best Wedding Gifts You Can Give in 2022

Giving a wedding gift can be a relatively controversial topic, and some people believe in only shopping the registry while others are hardcore against giving cash. At the end of the day—whether it’s a physical item or a check—Americans give a $160 gift on average.

Keep reading for 11 of the best wedding gifts of 2022.

1. Vintage French Champagne Coupe Glasses (Set of Two)

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Food52’s Vintage French Champagne Coupe Glasses come in a duo of two glasses.

Giving vintage means you know you’re giving a one-of-a-kind piece. Handpicked in France, these Vintage French Champagne Coupe Glasses come in a neat set of two—how fitting!—and differ slightly in size and shape, giving them an authentic feel. Available in both classic or ornate, etched styles, this elegant glassware is something the newlyweds can surely toast to. One Food52.com reviewer wrote, “I love these coupes. It is so fun to see what arrives. Each one is different and lovely. Takes you back in time.”

Buy at Food52 from $60.

2. Couples Camera Set

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The Couples Camera Set from The Adventure Challenge features an instant camera and one year’s worth of date ideas.

Know an adventurous couple tying the knot? Gift them the Couples Camera Set from The Adventure Challenge. A unique, experience-based present that includes a booklet full of a year’s worth of dates and a limited edition Lomography Signature Instant Camera, this thoughtful set has fun scratch-off challenges. The couple does the challenge together—whether it’s recreating your grandparents’ first date or engaging in a romantic paint night—and then snaps a pic of it, kind of like a scavenger hunt. Designed to spark romance and excitement and provide spontaneous-feeling opportunities for newlyweds, the Couples Camera Set is a gift that will be cherished long after each date challenge is fulfilled.

Buy at The Adventure Challenge for $147.99.

3. Succulent Wedding Ring Dish

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Plant-loving brides (and grooms!) will enjoy the quality, functionality and aesthetically-pleasing appearance of the Succulent Wedding Ring Dish.

Ring dishes are typically a meaningful engagement party or wedding shower, but every bride knows that you can never have too many of these lying around. You need one for each bathroom, one by the kitchen sink and maybe even one on your nightstand, too. So, it’s not too much of a stretch to give this gorgeous, handmade opal glass Succulent Wedding Ring Dish. With copper foil details and a dramatic design modeled after the succulent plant, this ring dish has a 4.9-star rating and almost 1,000 reviews on Etsy.com. One reviewer wrote, “I am so glad I found this ring holder option. It is so gorgeous and unique! I wanted something that could act as a statement piece on my nightstand and this is more than I was expecting to find. I love it!”

Buy at Etsy for $72.

4. Courtly Check Enamel Three-Tier Sweet Stand

best wedding gifts 4
The Courtly Check Enamel Three-Tier Sweet Stand makes a thoughtful wedding gift since it’s perfect for hosting people.

As a brand, MacKenzie-Childs is just about made for wedding gifting. The Courtly Check Enamel Three-Tier Sweet Stand is perfect for new homeowners, hosts and hostesses in training. It’s a standout dining room (or kitchen) piece hand-decorated with MC’s signature black-and-white check print that so many people know, love and fawn over. With three levels of display, the Courtly Check Enamel Three-Tier Sweet Stand is ideal for showcasing desserts, cookies, appetizers and more. Just make sure the newly-hitched couple knows that this kitchenware is hand-wash only!

Buy at MacKenzie-Childs for $238.

5. Reclaimed Wood Quote Box

best wedding gifts 5
The Reclaimed Wood Quote Box makes the perfect spot for storing wedding-related photos and other small sentiments.

Artifact Uprising is a premier destination for printing photos and making online photo albums, but every newly married couple needs somewhere to store those pics. Right? After all, where do all the wedding photo booth snaps go after the party? The Reclaimed Wood Quote Box is the perfect wedding gift and the perfect home for those prized possessions and other small things of sentimental value, too. Handcrafted in the U.S. from reclaimed beetle pine, it’s appropriately inscribed with, “From this day forward.”

Buy at Artifact Uprising from $67.

6. Just Married Candle

best wedding gifts 7
Homesick’s Just Married Candle smells of fresh linens, champagne and salty ocean air—AKA like Happily Ever After.

Recently married people don’t have time for nasty ingredients like lead, plastics, parabens, synthetic dyes or phthalates. They have too much to do relishing in their recent nuptials! The Just Married Candle by sentimental candle-making company Homesick is non-toxic and free of all that stuff—plus, it burns anywhere from 60 to 80 hours. Made of natural soy wax with premium cotton wicks, Just Married features top notes of sea salt, ocean air and Lily of the Valley; mid notes of peach nectar, champagne and neroli; base notes of driftwood, amber crystal and musk. Basically, it smells like The Big Day all over again and all the good vibes it emits.

Buy at Homesick for $23.80.

7. Smaier Wine Decanter

best wedding gifts 8
The Smaier Wine Decanter has 4.5 stars on Amazon.com and more than 1,300 reviews.

It may be one of the fanciest wedding gifts you can give (and one of the most breakable), but it doesn’t have to be the most expensive. The Smaier Wine Decanter is from Amazon.com, no less, but it looks super luxe like you paid big bucks for it. Beyond the affordable price point, a quality decanter is a must-have in any home—especially for those who plan on hosting. A 4.5-star rating and more than 1,300 reviews on Amazon prove that it’s a fan-favorite with one Amazon.com reviewer writing, “It’s great quality! Made for an impressive gift!”

Buy at Amazon for $42.99.

8. Mikasa Tivoli Garden 16-Piece Dinnerware Set

best wedding gifts 9
The Mikasa Tivoli Garden 16-Piece Dinnerware Set serves four people.

All newlyweds deserve a little bone china! The Mikasa Tivoli Garden 16-Piece Dinnerware Set is the ultimate gift for the future host of the next upcoming holiday. Each high-quality bone china piece is vivid white with a vibrant bed of flowers. The set includes four of each—11-inch dinner plates, 9-inch salad plates, 5.75-inch cereal bowls and 13-ounce mugs. Both dishwasher- and microwave-safe, the entire four-piece table setting is a great, affordable starter set. One Macys.com reviewer wrote, “The bone China is so strong, these are, oddly enough, our dishes of choice for our whole family, including our young kids. Several pieces have survived being dropped. Though they are not indestructible, they are beautiful and still very strong. I love looking at the pretty garden on our plates and bowls despite living in a location with long winters; they are cheery sights to eat off of!”

Buy at Macy’s for $101.99.

9. Fouta Bath Collection

best wedding gifts 10
The Fouta Bath Collection from Serena and Lily features plush washcloths, bath towels, hand towels and a bath mat.

Serena and Lily’s Fouta Bath Collection is the ultimate wedding gift whether towels are on their registry or not. This collection features a yarn-dyed stripe front and absorbent Turkish Aegean cotton. Each hand towel, bath towel, and washcloth in it has a cozy double-weave that leaves them plush and fluffy. The Luxury Set includes four of each—four washcloths, four hand towels and four bath towels—plus one Turkish Bath Mat in the matching color. Oeko-Tex certified and free of nasty chemicals, the entire set is made in Turkey with sustainable materials.

Buy at Sereny and Lily from $38.

10. Winc Wine Membership

best wedding gifts 10
Because wine is always a good gift idea.

Winc is the new way to drink wine! Winc serves as a direct connection to the vino-loving consumer through its online subscription service. A membership to Winc offers a more customized experience, allowing the gifter (or giftee) to choose red or white wines and pick options that fall under different categories: sustainably-made wines, organic wines, sulfate-free wines. Each package is delivered right to the new couples’ doorstep, and prices start at $24.95 for four bottles.

Buy at Winc from $24.95.

11. Iconic Trio Gift Set

best wedding gifts 11
The Iconic Trio Gift Set from Diptyqe Paris includes three iconic scents: Roses, Baies and Figuier.

As if straight from the kitchen countertop of every Instagram influencer ever, the Iconic Trio Gift Set from Diptyqe Paris actually makes a beautiful wedding gift. A set of highly coveted mini candles with quite the reputation, three scents—Baies, Figuier and Roses—are included. Baises evokes the freshness of roses and blackcurrant leaves; Figuier is warm and milky, and Roses is unapologetically floral, as its name suggests. Each mini candle burns for about 20 hours, but with a price tag like this, the now-hitched couple in your life may just want to keep it on display forever. To have and to hold and to each their own!

Buy at Diptyque Paris for $114.

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