So you are looking to purchase a women 's diamond wedding ring? Well you have started off in the right step by researching your topic before stepping into the world, shopping around for that perfect ring and diamond for your special other. We have compiled some information for you to help you reach your own informed decision.

As you search and shop around for your own perfect women's diamond wedding ring you will find that every diamond is different – even if they present with the same specifications. A diamond you fall in love with may have a few flaws (or 'inclusions' as they call them in the business), say a black spot … If that inclusion is near the top or in the top of your diamond, your fiancée will of course notice this defect … more so if she is the obsessive type. Remember to look carefully at each diamond you pick up and are seriously considering on buying. Always ask to see it both through normal light and through the jeweler's loupe (their magnifying glass) to examine for these inclusions.

You probably are inexperienced at buying diamonds so you probably do not want to know absolutely everything about the 4 C's and want to keep it simple. So just follow the procedure above and consider the following points for buying your women's diamond wedding ring. When shopping around you have the choice of a clear and colorless diamond or a diamond that is yellowish, DF grade is colorless. Another option is to have a diamond that sparkles and that has rainbow colors in the diamond ring. And of course as you look through the loupe, make sure there are not any spots or any other inclusions that you can not live with. Of course, the diamond should not look dark or cloudy. Some I1 diamonds look nice but try to avoid diamonds with a lower grading.

Shop around for women's diamond wedding ring that has a certified diamond. Although you may pay extra in the inflated value on the appraised certified diamond as a result of insurance. Also you should request the diamond be tested in front of you before purchasing.

The price of a women's wedding diamond ring varies greatly depending on the quality of the cut. Diamond rings can be purchased at a jeweler or at the jewelry section of your department store. Your department store may offer a promotion, or extra lifetime guarantees so shop around. Also, consider the weight of your diamond. If your diamond is slightly under the standard weights (1 carat, half a carat etc) then you may get a discount. Remember that 10 karat gold is cheap and anything below 14 carat will need to be worn daily to avoid tarnishing.

Source by Janey McKenzie