Congratulations on your winter wedding! Many couples plan their weddings in December, because of the month's festive feel. Also, December is a wonderful time for a honeymoon in the Alps, or any other romantic spot. Now that you have your wedding date and venue planned, you should be getting ready to pick from several stylish winter wedding dresses. Here are a few tips to make sure you'll look your best on your most cherished day.

Factors to consider

While the style of the dress may be your first criteria, it is not the only factor to be considered. Tubes and strapless dresses may look enticing, but these are only great during the summer. You should also consider comfort, which you may not be able to enjoy if you are shivering in a cold. A beautiful bride does not have to show a lot of skin on her wedding. There are off-shoulder dresses with long or flowing sleeves. However, if you are really insistent on styles which are not warm, consider wearing a shawl, a white faux fur or velvet wrap. You can also replace the traditional veil with a flowing cape that shields your shoulder and bodice from the cold.

Choices and sources

You will first need to decide on a material. Instead of sheer fabrics, choose thick satin or while velvet or velour, because they are warmer and look more elegant. Choose a style that complements your figure – your stylist can help you with that. A fitted bodice, with a faux fur trim around the collar and sleeves is a popular design these days for winter wedding dresses. Finally, you can decide on whether you'd like a snowy white wedding dress or have a splash of color on it. Winter wedding dresses these days are made even more stunning with a red cape, or gold details that stand out from the white.

Source by Kara McNair