Probably everybody like rings.A comrade is not present to the taste and colour. In our time there are different variations with metals at the production of rings. Rings are made out of platinum, gold, silver, titan and other materials.But today I want to talk quite about other – about weddings rings

Anybody know why people buy rings by wedding? I will make an effort answer on it and other questions. A wedding ring is character of matrimonial status and probably to loyalty which the married couples swear to observe during all joint life.

A little history……

The origin of rings is related to Ancient Egypt.At that time rings acted part of seal, pharaohs passed the power and will through the servants, representatives.In course of time girls conceived a liking to carrying of rings! Rich Egyptians carried gold rings, and more poor are rings from silver, bronze and clay.In Greece, carrying of rings specified on social status.Higher estates had a right to carry gold rings, habitants – silver, slaves are rings from a metal

The ceremony of betrothing first appeared for Romans, fiance gave the parents of fiancee a simple ring, as character of obligations and ability of financial maintenance of fiancee. Marriages were accomplished on contractual basis.The ceremony of betrothing was far more important what wedding, which was the conclusion of engagement.Far later, in the days of Christianity a ring became part of wedding ceremony. Put a ring on the ring-finger of the left arm for catholics and right – at . It was considered that this finger had a vein of love which goes straight to a heart. Farther more this popular belief grew into the acknowledged all tradition.

What must a wedding ring be?

On the laws of Christianity a wedding ring must be without a decoration, simple, as character of cleanness and loyalty of the married couples.In our time this principle not so is strict.

Anymore and more married couples wish to see rings decorated diamonds and jewels.

Mainly, putting a ring on a hand the select, that senses were sincere and your life will last together, in gladness, happiness and love.

Source by Pavel Zubarev