White gold wedding rings have grown in popularity over the years. It is modern take on the classic gold band that has been worn throughout time. Consider that yellow gold is not for everyone. On lighter complexions, yellow gold has the tendency to make the skin looked washed out and paler, this is due to the pinks and blues in the skin tone. This is not the effect you want from the jewellery you will be wearing for the rest of your life. White rings are a great alternative and will look great for years to come.

White gold is basically an alloy that has been made from gold and another metal. The choice for the other metal is dependent on the end use of the jewellery. Nickel is commonly used, but not the ideal selection for a ring, as it causes an allergic reaction in some people. Commonly palladium is used because it perfectly balances the softness of the gold. Copper, silver, and platinum can be added to give the ring weight and strength. Because the gold is generally not as shiny as yellow gold, rhodium is also added to the mixture, to produce a finished sheen.

There are an abundance of different designs and styles available for this type of ring. Wedding rings are commonly more available in white gold, so you are guaranteed to find the one you are looking for. There are rings available in traditional, modern and vintage styles. However, if you can’t find the perfect ring, consider having your ring custom designed. You should work with an experienced jewellery designer to ensure that the finished product is exactly what you want.

These rings are the ideal choice for those who want the traditional characteristics of yellow gold mixed with the modern sheen of silver or stainless steel. Beautiful rings are created using white gold and will stay timeless as the years go by. White gold wedding rings are a great choice for you and your new partner.

Source by Nick Woods