A growing trend these days is for brides to select not one, but two wedding dresses. Is this a wee bit excessive? Perhaps. The mark of a spoiled princess? Well, maybe. (But, hey, all you princesses out there know that you are spoiled, and love it!) Is it a totally fun way to indulge your every whim on the most fabulous day of your life? Absolutely!

Most brides don’t set out to pick two wedding dresses. What usually happens is that after trying on countless gowns, the bride comes to realize that she cannot pick one. The reason is that she will fall in love with a gown that is perfect for the ceremony, but she cannot imagine wearing it all night. Then she will try on a dress that would be incredible for dancing at the reception, but she just doesn’t imagine wearing it down the aisle. The solution: get both!

Many couples today do not want a traditional stuffy or sedate reception. They want their reception to feel like the party of the year, especially after the meal when everyone hits the dance floor. Some couples even set aside an area of their reception venue to turn into a cool disco lounge, complete with mirrored balls on the ceiling. This is when the gown that seemed right for the church just won’t do for the reception. Brides having destination weddings can encounter the same situation. If a young woman has always envisioned being wed in a full ballgown, she may not be able to let go of that vision of the ideal wedding gown. However, she would likely tire very quickly of wearing a big heavy gown on the beach, so she will also need a shorter, breezier dress for the reception.

When a bride does decide to wear a different gown for the reception, usually is it a much lighter weight dress than the gown for the ceremony, but it should still be white or ivory to make sure that the bride stands out from the guests. The second dress should have some sizzle to it – you can choose a more daring style than you wore for the service. A slinky beaded sheath would be incredible on a sophisticated bride. Another option would be to choose one of the tea or knee length bridal gowns that designers now offer. Something in a sassy 1950s full-skirted party dress shape would be divine.

Part of the fun of having two wedding gowns is the wow factor when your guests see your quick change act, so be sure that you have planned for all the accessories to compliment gown number two. You may opt not to wear a veil, but don’t forget about shoes, jewelry, and appropriate undergarments. A great idea for your jewelry would be to have a pair of custom bridal Swarovski necklaces created. They could be made with a similar look, but with a more elaborate version for the ceremony and a simpler necklace for the reception. Or, your custom bridal Swarovski necklaces could be made with the addition of pearls for a more traditional style to wear with the first gown, and a dazzling all-crystal effect for the second gown.

The fun doesn’t have to end with the second bridal gown, by the way. It has long been customary for the bride and groom to change into going away outfits before exiting the reception, which means, yes, a third dress! Your going away dress should be pretty, but less fancy than the wedding gowns. Since you are only going to do it once, your wedding day is the perfect time to indulge all of your fashion fantasies. Now, go shop!

Source by Bridget Mora