When choosing your bridal hairdo, the most important consideration is to find one that will suit your facial features and preferably your wedding gown too.


A very easy way of getting ideas is to flip through bridal magazines or browse through bridal websites. Current bridal magazines will display the latest trends of bridal hairstyles and usually, they are modeled with certain wedding gowns. Take note of the types of hairstyles that usually go with the type of wedding gown you have chosen. For example, if you have a bustier gown, you can see what types of hairstyles are usually styled for that type of gown. You can also zoom in on the hairstyles that are suitable for your own hair length too. Cut out some of these pictures for reference if you like, as they may come in useful when you meet your stylist for a hairstyle consultation. A point to bear in mind though, some hairstyles look great on a magazine model but it may not be the best choice for you! Do keep your options open and seek professional advice from your bridal stylist before making a decision. They know best afterall, who else can we trust other than someone who does the same job everyday?


A very common hairstyle for brides is the up-do. This is suitable if you wish for a more elegant and formal look. A chignon, which is created by twisting hair into a bun and pinning it a the nape of the neck, is also a very pretty and classic choice. In recent years, many brides choose to wear their hair down. My cousin did that for her wedding day and we were really surprised to see her hair pinned simply with just a hair accessory, but she still looked lovely and natural with the hairstyle. If you have short hair, you will look great with some light curls that gives it some body. If you have long hair, soft perm your hair with natural curls for a versatile look.

Consider putting a hair accessory to accentuate the hairstyle. Fresh flowers looks perfect if you have an outdoor theme, while tiaras give a princessy feel. Crystal studded diamante hair accessories also adds some glitter effect especially if you are hosting an evening banquet.


Trim your hair about one to two weeks before your wedding. Even if you are keeping it long, trimming will keep the ends tidy, and is easier to style. If you need to dye your hair and you are trying out a new colour, it is also advisable to do it in advance, never the day before! At least if it turns out disastrous, you still have some time to save yourself. On the day of your wedding, wear a button-up shirt so that you can change easily into your gown after your hair is styled.

Generally, your bridal hairdo should be one that compliments your facial shape, wedding gown, wedding theme and makeup. Every bride deserves to be the most beautiful on their BIG day and that goes for you too!

Source by Angela Tay