One of the most enjoyable parts of planning your wedding is choosing the wedding dress. Do you already have an idea of ​​what your dress will look like?

There is plenty of wedding dress styles to choose from, from white traditional gowns to wedding gowns to match specific wedding themes. So how do you narrow down your choices? How do you decide what you will look like on your big day?

Many brides choose the dress they will wear based upon the time or the year that they get married in or the location of the wedding. If you are having a destination wedding or marrying in the hot summer months, this may influence you to wear many different styles of wedding gowns including short wedding dresses, strapless (or spaghetti straps) or dresses made of lighter material. If you are marrying in colder months or a more traditional setting you may choose other elements such as long sleeves, a full ball gown skirt or something a little more modest.

Another way to make the decision of what your gown will look like is thinking about any type of wedding themes you may have and choosing the wedding dress based upon those themes. Some popular wedding things include gothic, princess fairytale, Celtic, medieval as well as weddings that highlight either ethnic heritage or personal religions. All of these choices or themes can help you decide what type of dress to wear.

The bride's body type is also another way to decide what type of dress you may want to wear. There are some dresses that look great on any type of body, like the A-line, the princess or empire waists, whereas there are other wedding dresses that mold to your body such as the mermaid dress.

Besides thinking about your entire body shape when choosing your dress it may be a good idea to consider accenting certain areas over others. You can do this by choosing certain elements in your dress. Different styles accent different areas. Think about which body parts you want to accentuate or hide. Some of these areas may include legs, waistline, bust, arms, shoulders and back.

You can also consider designing your own wedding dress. There are programs online which allow you design your own wedding dress. If all else fails, you should start by doing some window shopping. By looking at wedding dress photos online you should get a pretty good idea of ​​what you like and what you do not as well as what would work for you personal at your wedding.

Source by Pam Kazmierczak