Bad hair days are something we all grapple with at some point in our lives. However, your wedding day is definitely NOT one of the days you want to deal with this problem! Here are some wedding hair dos and don'ts to steer you clear and keep you in calm waters.

Wedding Style "Do's"

* Keep a wedding hair fix-it kit handy, so that you can repair any damage during the revelries. Weddings can get pretty raucous and you do not want to end up looking like something the cat dragged in. Many salons will use lots and lots of hairspray to keep you hair from moving … make sure they do not use so much that you hair looks "plastered".
* Bridal hairstyles need to accommodate wedding veils. Decide on your wedding hair style keeping in mind the veil you have chosen. Or, if you know the look you want, be sure to select your veil accordingly.

* Choose a great stylist, then, let them suggest which do's may work best with your face. After all, they are experts.

* Wedding hair accessories also make a great style statement. If you want to skip the traditional wedding veil it still leaves you with umpteen options. : Tiny tiaras From S , to glitter, to pink wedding flowers – you can choose a wedding hair style accessorized with any of these.

What NOT to Do With Your Hair for Your Wedding

* Do not try something brand new that you've never tried before for your wedding day! Leave the "I wonder if purple hair would look good on me" thing for later on …

* Do not choose a hairstyle that is either way too formal or way too casual for what you usually like.

* Do not get a highly structured wedding hair style. While bridal hairstyles need to look just right, they also have to be easily maintained since the wedding proceedings can carry on for quite some time.

Just be sure to choose one that you feel great in! Do a trial run with your stylist to make sure you like your do – then, enjoy your special day!

Source by Michelle O'Connor