Most brides are able to recite the four C's of diamonds – cut, carat, color, and clarity. But the real importance in selecting engagement and wedding rings is finding a style of jewelry that you will be proud to wear for the rest of your life. The conventional rules of the solid gold wedding band and solitaire engagement ring may still hold true for some, but the standards in wedding jewelry are changing. Consider these modern trends in selecting your perfect ring set:

No longer do the engagement ring and wedding ring have to match.
In fact, many brides are wearing their rings on different hands. The wedding band is still worn on the left hand, but the engagement ring is now commonly found on the ring finger of the right hand. This is an excellent option for brides who love multiple cuts or styles – no reason to choose just one!

Explore the option of colored stones such as diamonds or sapphires.
Diamonds come in most colors of the spectrum (pink, blue, brown, yellow, green, black and more). Likewise, sapphires are available in numerous hues from blue to yellow to pink. Whether you are seeking a pale or intensely colored stone, your local jeweler can provide a myriad of options. Like colorless or traditional diamonds, these options vary in grade and cost. Typically, those with the fewest inclusions and the most saturated color are the most expensive.

Mix and match shapes for an upscale modern look.
Upscale jewelers are incorporating round brilliants with princess cuts or pears with baguette cuts. Many jewelers are featuring other similar combinations that are just as beautiful as they are contemporary. These bold geometric designs are winning brides' affections in both small and large scale settings.

Combine rough cut diamonds with traditional diamonds for a dramatic contrast.
Rough cut diamonds have a rich brown hue that suits yellow and rose gold settings extremely well. Many custom designed rings feature rough cut diamonds to showcase their organic and artisan crafted appearance. Peruse designs by Diamond in the Rough (available at Neiman Marcus), Todd Reed, or consult your favorite custom jeweler.

Seek out conflict-free diamonds.
Conflict diamonds are mined in war-like conditions that cause suffering to workers as well as entire geographic areas. Selecting jewelers who champion the Kimberley Process and encourage the jewelry industry to operate ethically and humanely.

By staying abreast of the trends in the wedding ring market, you are sure to visit your local jeweler with a knowledgeable base of information. Trust your own intuition and sense of style to find just the right ring set for your nuptials. By staying true to your own personal style, your inner sparkle will be just as bright as the rings on your fingers!

Source by Sarah Bogle