A wedding is one of the biggest days of most peoples lives. Finding the right wedding ring can take quite a lot of time and effort. Here are some pointers to help you find the perfect ring for you.

  • Decide on a budget and stick to it. Choosing will become easier if you know which wedding rings you can afford and which are outside of your budget.
  • Consider buying a wedding ring set if you need more than one ring. Buying wedding ring sets can often work out cheaper than buying rings individually. A set can also include the groom's ring, and if you want the bride and groom's rings to match, this is a good way of ensuring that they will look right together.
  • Most people will choose gold for their ring, but there are alternatives available. Colored gold such as rose gold, white gold, and even blue or green gold can make the ring more individual. Titanium, platinum and silver are other metals which you can have the ring made from.
  • If you want to have diamonds in the ring but do not have the budget, cubic zirconium can give a similar look to diamonds at a fraction of the price. A silver ring set with cubic zirconium stones is a popular choice.
  • Two-tone rings are a fairly recent option, and a combination of white and gold metals can look great.
  • Think about the combination of metal, stones (if you do not want a plain band) and ring shape that you would like before you start to shop around. This can save you a lot of time.
  • If you would like your wedding ring to have gemstones, think about alternatives such as emerald, amethyst, ruby, sapphire, or topaz. These have been used to make wedding rings with hidden messages by using the first letter of each stone to form a word. An example is diamond, emerald, amethyst, ruby, emerald, sapphire, plus topaz. The first letters of each stone form the word 'dearest'.
  • If you know what your ring size is, you can shop around on the internet as there are some great deals to be found due to the lower overhead costs compared to running a large jewelery store in the center of town. It's also easier to compare prices this way and can save a lot of time and effort.
  • Some people like to have their wedding ring designed specially for them. If you have the budget and can not find what you want after searching around, this can be a great way to get a one-off ring that nobody else has. Expect to pay more for a ring like this than you would for a ready-made one.

If you are not sure exactly which type of ring to go for, then go to a jeweler's and try a few different designs to see which suits you best and feels right. It's worth taking the time to get the right wedding ring for you, as you will probably be wearing it for a long time.

Source by Sarah Carter