If you are looking for unique wedding ring then you can go for tension set engagement rings. This style is not very popular as other style but these days you can find that it is becoming very popular because of its beauty. And the reason why theses rings are known as tension set is because the stone is hold by tension in center of the ring. And this style of the ring gives the stone a better exposure. Generally people use diamond but you can also design your own ring and can use birthstones also.

Always remember that if you will present tension set wedding ring then it will make your ring unique and beautiful and surely it will catch the attention of everybody because of its uniqueness. You can make your ring with any metal which you use in your tradition wedding ring. You can make your ring with platinum, white gold, yellow gold and silver. But for this style generally titanium and platinum are used as it gives modernistic look.

And the best part of this style is that you will not loose the stone as the stone is hold very securely. Always remember that if you will handle your ring carefully then your stone will remain there. Generally in traditional rings you have the chances of losing the stone.

But the main disadvantage of this style is that they are difficult to resize. Always remember that if you will try to resize it then the tension will break and the stone will become lose. And it is the serious problem especially for ring as you will wear the ring everyday for the rest of the life. Another disadvantage of this style of the ring is that you can easily remove the stone but this disadvantage can create problem only for jewelers.

But in spite of these disadvantages tension set wedding rings or engagement rings are great and gorgeous especially for those couples who are looking for unique rings. Hence if you want a unique and modernistic look then in stead of selecting traditional wedding ring you must buy tension set for your future bride.

Source by Peter Brown Smith