Typically when a couple gets engaged or even thinks about potentially getting engaged in the future, their minds generally travel to engagement rings. In fact, engagement rings are what is commonly associated with a couple getting married, probably because it provides the foundation for that couple to take the necessary steps into married life. However, it should be known that another crucial part in the tradition of getting married is investing in a gorgeous wedding ring set. Wedding ring sets provide individuality, significance, emotional value, and commitment to a couples’ marriage. Wedding ring sets can prove to symbolize what the couples mean to one another. Wedding ring sets are fairly easy to find and can accommodate the couple’s budget as well as their taste.

Wedding ring sets can either be bought as bridal sets, band sets, or triple sets. Bridal set rings are a set of two rings meant for the potential bride. These two rings are the engagement ring accompanied by the matching the wedding band. The sets can be as simple as a plain band or a simple diamond and it can be as extravagant as rings with more accented stones paired with a diamond band. It is really up to the couple. Designs of the ring set as well as the shape can vary. A downside on the prospect of choosing bridal set rings is that it only includes what its name suggests. The potential groom’s wedding band will not be included within the purchase of the set, but if the choice to buy a bridal set ring is made, the groom can ask the jeweler to customize a band that coordinates with the bride’s rings.

Band sets are the wedding ring sets that accommodate both the bride and groom’s wedding ring needs and includes bands for both parties. However, the band set is devoid of the presence of the engagement ring. Again, with band sets the bands can either be simple or complex, it depends on the taste of the bride and groom. Band sets are ideal at times because of its ability to be versatile in terms of complimenting the bride’s engagement ring as well as complimenting one another. Triple sets are wedding ring sets that include wedding bands as well as the matching engagement ring for the bride, hence the name “triple set”. All three of the rings are present during the purchase. Not only that, but the rings that are purchased are the rings that are most likely to match and coordinate best with one another as they are all made that way.

Source by Joaquin Costa