Wedding ring sets usually consist of two or three rings. Most often an engagement ring plus 1 or 2 matched wedding bands. The bands are worn on either side or next to the engagement ring. Sets will sometimes also have a wedding ring which the groom can wear.

The sets are very popular and there are a large and increasing number to choose from on display in most jewellery stores. Prices of the sets will often vary depending on the maker and also depending on the quality of any stones set into the rings. The prices will also have a large range depending on the metal which the ring is made from, and if stones are included, on the stone’s colour, clarity, size and type of cut.

The sets are frequently made from yellow gold which has been combined with a different metal, for example copper, tin or bismuth. Over the years, precious stones set into rings have had some sort of hidden meaning. Sometimes the first letter of each type of stone will form a word, e.g. a diamond, an emerald, an amethyst, a ruby, another emerald, a sapphire and a topaz will make the word ‘dearest’. There are quite a few combinations of stones which can form other words.

A wedding ring set is likely to be the most important and significant jewellery that a couple will ever own. Many couples like to buy matching sets made from the same metals and having the same stones set into the rings. There are many different sets available choose from, meaning that there should be something to suit every couple. Designer bands sometimes have a more intricate design than traditional wedding bands. Bands made from the metal titanium are a popular modern choice as titanium is extremely hardwearing and is also light, plus it is less expensive than platinum or gold. The two-toned wedding ring set is also popular. These have a combination of both white and gold metals.

A wedding ring set can be a great way to make sure that your wedding rings are properly matched, and each set can be exactly to your own personal taste. The groom’s ring, as well as the bride’s ring, can also be part of a ring set. For many people, wedding ring sets are a fantastic idea which can save both time spent searching for suitable rings and also save money compared to buying the rings individually.

Source by Sarah Carter