A Wedding ring is the symbol of joining of man & woman through marriage as husband and wife. Wedding ring has long & mysterious history. The initial point where custom of wedding ring has started lies in North African deserts where ancient civilization of Egypt flourishes along fertile plains of Nile River. This river used to bring life & fortune to the people of Pharaoh. Plants, sedges, reeds and rushes growing on the river side are twisted into rings and bracelets for fingers and wrists respectively.

The ring is in form of circle and very significant as circle is eternity symbol for Egyptians and ancient cultures. It has neither beginning nor any end. Like life it returned to itself. The circle is worshipped in form of god Sun & moon. The hole in center of ring is significant in as symbol of door and gateway depicting the uncertainty of life. There are many other stories in the past history depicting the ring relevance.

Gifting the ring is related to love in the desire that this most valuable emotion could characterize in form of circle and be eternal. The ring his to be wore on third finger of left hand due to the belief that the vein of this finger traveled from heart. The ring is most auspicious tradition and custom in the marriage. The ring is the best symbol of love between two newlywed couples. It makes bond between two stronger and healthier. Apart from it, wedding ring ceremony makes the wedding more joyful and energetic. There are always hidden desires in the minds of young girls and boys for a beautiful ring in wedding ceremony. The ring is worn by newlyweds for long duration. The ring is always tried to keep safe and secure as it is considered very special.

Source by Kathy Mercado