Selecting the perfect hairstyle for your wedding day is not an easy thing to do. You want a style that will flatter your face and your wedding gown. Here are a few tips on how to choose your perfect look for that big day.

For starters, to help your hair stylist create a masterpiece for your wedding date, take a photograph of the wedding gown, as well as a swatch of fabric. In addition, if you plan to wear a veil or use some type of hair jewelry such as clips or hairpins, these too should be shown to the hair stylist, which will help him or her create the perfect design.

Whether you choose to work with your current hair stylist or someone new, you want to address a number of things. For instance, determine the amount of time the stylist will need the morning of the wedding. You will also need to weigh the costs associated with you going to the stylist’s location versus the stylist coming to you. Then, check with your hair stylist to see if you will be charged for a number of practice runs. Sometimes, the stylist will do this as a complementary service, but not always. Here are a few of the more popular styles to consider for your wedding day.

The Bob – This style is short and sassy, which is great for a contemporary style wedding without a veil.

The Bun – With hair gathered at the nape of the neck or crown, the bun style is beautiful for many wedding gown designs.

Chignon – For this style, the hair is worn in a knot just below the back of the head or at the nape of the neck, creating a very sophisticated look.

Finger Curls – For an elegant wedding gown, finger curls are soft and romantic.

French Twist – In this case, the hair is rolled and worn at the back of the head, perfect for a traditional style wedding.

You should start thinking about your look six months prior to your wedding date. During this time, you should choose your stylist, who may or may not be the person that usually maintains your hair. This six-month period is also excellent for getting your hair in a healthy condition. Then around three months prior to the wedding date, your final decision on headpiece, veil, or hair jewelry should be made. Make sure the stylist sees what you want to wear so the hair style can be created around the item.

Approximately four weeks out, your hair should be trimmed and the stylist should conduct the first practice run. You should bring in your maid of honor for this if possible. She is someone who will provide you with an honest opinion. Your hairstylist also needs to advise you on the proper way of removing the headpiece or veil without undoing the hairstyle. Next, prepare an emergency hair kit. This kit should include extra pins, hairspray, combs, and other items needed for last minute fix-ups or malfunctions.

In conclusion, with the proper preparation, choosing the right hairstyle for your wedding day should be fun. If you follow these tips, it can also be enjoyable and you will be full of the confidence and joy that every bride should have as you walk down that aisle!

Source by L Hayes