Just like everything else associated with your wedding day, your hair should not be left to chance. It is a good idea for the bride to follow a schedule to make sure that her hair is not a cause for unnecessary stress when the big day arrives. The following timetable is suggested to help the bride make sure that her hair is as perfect as her gown, her veil, her jewelry and her shoes.

6 Months Before The Wedding Day
o Research: Start out by your personal style into account. Then considering your wedding dress and where your reception will take place.
o Interview: Schedule appointments to meet with hair stylists. Ask to see their portfolios, Discuss your own ideas for your wedding day hair style, and ask them for suggestions and input.
o Schedule: Set a schedule with your new stylist for your pre-wedding haircut, color, perm and other treatments.
o Get started: Start getting conditioning treatments six months before your wedding day to guarantee that your hair is shiny and healthy on the big day.

3 Months Before the Wedding Day
o Choose your veil or headpiece. You want to make sure that the hairdo you choose is compatible with the headgear you intend to wear on your wedding day.
o Take all of you hair accessories to your meeting with your hair stylist. If the hair stylist knows exactly what you intend to wear in advance of the wedding, they will be better prepared to give you that perfect hairdo on the big day.

1 Month Before the Wedding Day
o Get your hair trimmed, permed, straightened or colored. These treatments usually look better after the first couple of weeks; and if there is something you do not like, you have enough time to get it fixed without a panic.
o Take your wedding day hairdo out for a trial run. Have a trustworthy friend accompany you to the stylist and ask for her honest opinion. Do not hesitate to reject a hair style that you and your stylist had previously agreed upon.

o Ask the hair stylist to show you how to remove your headpiece without ruining your hairdo; and practice by removing it several times before leaving the salon.
o Make sure you have a hair repair kit on hand for the big day. Your hair repair kit should contain extra pins and styling products for any last-minute touch-ups that may be necessary. Ask your maid or matron of honor or one of your bridesmaids to make sure have it with her when you get dressed.
Your wedding day
o Wear a loose fitting shirt that fastens in the front so you will not damage your hairdo when you change into your wedding dress.

Source by Jocelyn O Iyog