1. Face Shape – your face shape will determine what style will compliment you. Oval shape is the ideal as it suits any style so always aim to achieve the oval shape. For example, if your face shape is round, aim for a style that will slightly elongate your face towards a more oval shape for instance, hair down or partially down, with volume at the crown, will automatically stretch your face shape in that direction.

2. Outfit – your outfit is a huge part of the overall look so you mustn’t separate it from your decision on a hairstyle. Different necklines suit different hairstyles. For example, a high neck compliments hair up, low neck compliments hair down or half up, half down. Also the look of the outfit, for example traditional, trendy, glamorous etc will also influence which style is the most suitable.

3. Your Partner – what will your partner be wearing? Your hair will be a big determining factor of the ‘look’ and you and your partner want to compliment each other so bear this in mind. If your partner looks traditional and sober, then a glamorous hairstyle may not look right when you are standing side by side.

4. Hair Type – different hairstyles suit different hair types. For example, if you have extremely thin hair, then a full bodied look simply isn’t achievable. Similarly it may not be realistic to want a sleek style if your hair is thick and there is a large amount of it. Whether your hair is long, short, thick or thin, there are plenty of styles that will suit your hair so be realistic when thinking about potential styles.

5. Make-Up – your hairstyle will go hand-in-hand with your make-up so if you have already decided on your make-up look, ensure that the style follows so that you don’t look mismatched. For instance, heavy make-up with strong colours partnered with a big full bodied hairstyle may look too overpowering. But a simpler hairstyle may be the perfect fit.

The real trick in all of this is to decide on an overall look which matches your partner, your wedding theme and your taste. This way you will look picture perfect as you will look great and feel beautiful and confident.

Source by Sumantha Dutta