Your bridal hairstyle is one of the bigger priorities for your whole wedding day look. Next to the wedding gown your hair will probably get noticed the most.

Here are the answers to two frequently asked questions about wedding hair.

What do you suggest to brides in the six month lead-up to the wedding?

If the bride is growing her hair, I suggest regular trims followed by a cut no less than two weeks before the wedding. It’s best not to have a brand new haircut because the ends aren’t soft and can stick out. If the bride wants a bit of shape around their face, that should be done quite a few months before the wedding so it can grow out if she doesn’t like it. Also, if she wants a color, I advise getting it done a week before the day to allow time for the color to soften. For the actual wedding day, I ask the bride to wash her hair the night before. Squeaky clean hair is slippery, which makes it harder to style.

What veils or headpieces suit which hairstyles?

If I’m doing a really simple hair up, a veil works well. But for a lover type of hairdo that has a twist below the nape, a veil isn’t really needed. If you’re going to wear a tiara, you usually need to wear the hair quite high. It can look unusual to have a tiara when the hair is low – a little like the Statue of Liberty! – and it looks nicer to have the hair sitting in behind it. If you’re going to wear a veil high on the head, choose a fuller, more gathered veil. But if you’re going to wear a veil really low, go for something more slim line, because it needs to flow.

Source by Anabel Scott