Since the Queen Victoria wedding in 1840, however, the white is remained the traditional color for dresses and bouquets of marriage. A woman then used her dress for the presentation of court after marriage, usually with a different blouse. It was allowed color of traditional dress of marriage, but the dresses of marriage were not always white.

The marriage of the Victoria Queen to her Albert cousin of Saxony Cobourg in 1840 had more influence on marriages than very other. The Victoria Queen put moving the wheels by the marriage in the white. Although the bride continued with wed in dresses of various colors, the white was now placed while the color of the choice for marriages and continued since. In Book de Godey of Madam, 1849, this report / ratio was printed: the "habit decided, of the ages youngest, that the white is the suitable majority of tonality, that which can be the material.

It is an emblem of the purity and innocence of the girlhood, and unsullied the heart which it now reports to selected. "There is an old poetry about the way in which the color of your dress of marriage will influence your future:" married in the white, will have chosen you well. Married in the gray, you will leave far. Married in the black, you will wish yourselves back. Married in the red, you will wish yourselves deaths. Married in blue, you will be always true. Married in pearl, you will live in a gyratory movement. Married in green, ashamed to be seen, married in yellow, to be ashamed of the comrade. Married in the brown one, you will live out of the city. Married in the pink, your spirits will go down. "

The white is always the higher favorite for dresses of marriage by exclusive range of wedding dress in the traditional white color. What have the the sublime quality conceived by Andy of originator of seam which believes that less are more, these wedding dresses are made as a part of of art which they are white very light and other nuances of white color was employed to however give him the traditional contact they are modern. The dresses of marriage were not always refined, as many are today. At the eighteenth century, the poor bride got dressed in simple evening gowns. This symbolized with her husband-to-be whom it introduced with nothing with it into the marriage and would thus not charge of any debt. It did not take place until the semi nineteenth century which wraps it all-white marriage became ala mode. To the top up to that point of a bride simply her best dress carried, independently of its color. In 1840, the pure white dress of the Victoria Queen began the tendency that many women follow today.

Source by Bishara Hazboun