There are many choices for an engaged couple when it comes to choosing where to buy their wedding flowers. Each choice has its pros and cons depending on how involved you want to be in flower decoration. How involved you are is often inversely related to how much the set up, arrangement and type of flowers will cost.

Local florist: This is often the first choice that the engaged couple looks at when considering who to take care of their wedding flowers. Local florists purchase their flowers wholesale or directly from a grower. The upside to local florist is that they will often take care of the arrangement and decoration of the flowers prior and on your wedding day. Often one of the most expensive route to go, because you have to pay for the florist's labor and preparation time for the flowers.

Wholesale florists: Often the cheapest way to go in terms of total cost. This is because you are not getting any of the special floral arrangement treatment. You can purchase the flowers in bulk, but will have to either cut and arrange the flowers yourself, or enlist friends and family with a generous amount of time on their hands.

Online wholesale florists: Like wholesale florists, but online and easier to comparison shop. They often have access to the cheapest flowers you can get, but since you do not see the flowers until they get delivered, you are acting on blind faith that they will deliver the flowers you want, with the quality that you want. That said, this is often the best way to get the most for your dollar, you can cost compare online wholesale florists.

Wedding specialty florists: Probably the most expensive way for a wedding party to get their flowers taken care of. However, it is the method where you will get the most choice and say in how you want your flowers set up, arranged and ready for your wedding.

The choice of wedding flowers is a intimately personal decision. You can buy your flowers wholesale, but do more work yourselves, or you can hire a florist if you need a bit more hand holding. Above all, enjoy your wedding flower experience.

Source by Dennis Harp