Part of wedding planning includes choosing flowers for your event. One difficult choice when choosing flowers is whether you will use silk or real. Silk flowers are becoming more reasonably priced, authentic looking and don’t have to be seasonal. Which will you use for your wedding?

Here are some points to take into consideration when choosing your flowers.

Do the flowers have to travel far? If you are having your bouquet created locally but traveling a distance to your ceremony site, how will you get the flowers there? If it is hot and the flowers packed into a car trunk or airplane, it may be wiser to purchase artificial posies. Or if you decide to use real, purchase Styrofoam coolers to transport them in.

Do you want scent? There is nothing comparable to the scent of real flowers. Gardenias, lilies and roses may have a strong scent. Some roses have no scent. Ask your florist to show you which type of rose they will use and keep one until it fully opens and is room temperature. Field packs that arrive at the florist need to be coaxed open and trimmed. Will your florist assure fully opened flowers on your special day? Also keep this in mind if you decide to design your own bouquets. The cost of unopened or broken bud heads will need to be taken into account.

Is the type of flower that you would like in your arrangements available during the season of your wedding? If you want a special item such as cherry blossoms and you’re getting married in winter, ask your florist if the type of flower you want is available for your wedding date. If the flower has special meaning and will not be available, perhaps silk would be the alternate choice.

Does the bride want to save her bouquet? To store a bouquet for memories is silk. Real flowers rarely keep the perfect and fresh look they have on your wedding day. Silk could be given to future generations to incorporate in their bouquets for luck and memories.

Will the centerpieces or décor be given to guests? A simple centerpiece such as greenery surrounding a pillar candle with a single accent flower would make a wonderful gift for guests who wish to take them home. Their gift of silk arrangements would last a long time.

What is your budget for floral arrangements? If you would like a gazebo or archway beautifully decorated with tulle and flowers, using fresh flowers could be quite costly. Numerous pew swags and table decorations could increase your flower budget quickly. Creating something like this ahead of time with purchased silk flowers would not only save money, but take the worry away of whether it would be placed properly by the florist.

It is possible to use both types of flowers when decorating and accessorizing your wedding. Think about what you want to achieve with each type of arrangement and choose the type of flower that best suits that need.

Source by Kim Prissel